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Yin for Each Chakra (plus Affirmations)

The next sequence will take you thru the chakras from root to crown with a yin pose for every one. This apply will enable you to dive deeper and make significant modifications in your life.

Paired with every pose (and aspect) is an Affirmation pulled from my I Radiate Pleasure affirmation deck. Internally repeat the affirmation as you maintain every pose.

Maintain every pose for 3 minutes or so.

1. Root Chakra/Half Butterfly – Start in a seat with the suitable leg prolonged out. Deliver the left foot to the within of the groin, or convey it again behind to actually work the inside thigh. Flip in the direction of the suitable knee. Around the again as you fold down. Turning the palms up and permitting gravity to do the work. Assist the brow with a prop if desired.

Affirmation: I’m grounded within the current second.

Raise up and change to the left aspect.

Affirmation: Life helps me in each approach.

2. Sacral Chakra/Reclined Butterfly – Decrease down onto the again. In case you have a block, place it underneath the hips to raise them. Deliver the soles of the toes collectively and drop the knees aside. Place the arms on the stomach/sacral chakra area.

Affirmation: My energy lies in my sensitivity.

3. Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra/Supine Twist – Take away the block when you’re on one. Shift the hips to the suitable. Straighten the left leg. Deliver the suitable knee into the chest and cross it over to the left. Keep right here, extending the suitable arm out. Or bend the left knee and attain for the foot with the suitable hand. If you’ll be able to clasp the foot, information the knees away from each other, attempting to stack the hips.

Affirmation: My journey is my very own and I declare it now.

Come again to middle and repeat to the opposite aspect.

Affirmation: I launch all fears of not being adequate.

4. Coronary heart Chakra/Sphinx – Roll over onto the stomach, with the legs prolonged again. Deliver the forearms to the mat in entrance of you about shoulder width aside. Management the deepness of the again bend by bringing elbows nearer in or additional out. Push the pubic bone and tops of the toes into the mat. Roll the shoulders down as you pull the center ahead. Squeeze the shoulder blades again.

Affirmation: I’m worthy of affection and acceptance.

5. Throat Chakra/Neck Launch – Sit up good and tall, with legs crossed if snug. Drop the suitable ear to the suitable shoulder. Possibly utilizing the suitable hand on the left temple to information the stretch deeper. You may also need to crawl the fingertips out to the aspect.

Affirmation: I converse my thoughts with readability and compassion.

Return to middle and repeat on the opposite aspect.

Affirmation: I enable all elements of me to be expressed.

6. Third Eye Chakra/Little one’s Pose – Come to kneel. Bringing the large toes collectively and knees as broad as you want. Decrease the brow to the mat, guaranteeing it’s involved with the mat or a block if not accessible.

Affirmation: My instinct is at all times guiding me.

7. Crown Chakra/Savasana – Finish your apply in savasana. On the again, extending legs and arms out. Reaching the crown in the direction of the again.

Affirmation: I’m at all times protected and divinely guided.


These 7 poses come from a 50 minute yin apply on my YouTube channel.


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