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Widespread myths about what UK Freeway Code adjustments will imply | Transport coverage

Tright here is, we’re instructed within the Every day Mail, “fury” over adjustments to the Freeway Code. There’s “confusion” amongst highway customers. Cyclists and pedestrians will, the extra breathless information protection intimates, have carte blanche to weave throughout the highways, with drivers held culpable for each mishap.

That is, after all, nonsense. After a weekend of but extra deceptive protection, and with the new guidelines because of come into impact later this week, right here’s a short, potted information to what’s going to change – and what won’t.

Cyclists received’t be “in the course of the highway”

One of many sillier weekend headlines, from the Sunday Occasions, urged simply this. And as I’m certain the headline author knew nicely, the Freeway Code merely says cyclists ought to use the centre of the lane, and even then solely at sure instances, for instance approaching junctions or on slim sections of roads, the place a automobile overtaking would trigger hazard. This can be a change to the code, nevertheless it’s not new, and even new steerage. Cyclists have been formally suggested for years to take what’s generally known as the “major place” at such moments.

There is no such thing as a new rule on driving two abreast

The brand new textual content simply makes it clearer. The outdated model says individuals ought to “by no means trip greater than two abreast, and trip in single file on slim or busy roads”, which was barely imprecise and a bit sweeping. The code will now say: “You may trip two abreast and it may be safer to take action, significantly in bigger teams or when accompanying kids or much less skilled riders.” Hopefully over time extra drivers will perceive why it may be safer. Notice to the Sunday Occasions: the principles don’t “encourage” driving two abreast.

There is no such thing as a new rule on not having to make use of cycle lanes

One other barely excitable paragraph from the Sunday Occasions story mentioned that the brand new Freeway Code would imply cyclists are not obliged to make use of bike lanes when one is supplied. However this was the case anyway. The language has merely been made clearer, saying cyclists “might train their judgment and usually are not obliged to make use of them”.

There’s a tweak to precedence for pedestrians at crossings

One of the crucial debated adjustments is that drivers about to show right into a junction ought to now give technique to pedestrians “crossing or ready to cross” that highway. That’s what good drivers do anyway, however it’s a change to the earlier model, which mentioned pedestrians had precedence solely “if they’ve began to cross”. As anybody will know if, say, they’ve walked via a metropolis with a small little one, or a frail older individual, it may be formidable to must step out into the highway simply to assert a spot to cross.

Many adjustments simply formalise primary courtesy

One pretty lengthy new part describes actions you’ll hope had been on a regular basis behaviour for any driver, for instance to not flip at a junction “if to take action would trigger [a] bike owner, horse rider or horse-drawn automobile going straight forward to cease or swerve”. Equally, it units out minimal area necessities for overtaking cyclists, and likewise for pedestrians and horse riders. One other new aspect says that in slow-moving visitors, drivers ought to permit pedestrians and cyclists to cross in entrance of them.

It’s not simply drivers who’re requested to be thoughtful

For instance, a brand new instruction notes that cyclists ought to give technique to pedestrians on shared pathways, and to horse riders on bridleways – once more, one thing that must be taking place anyway. Extra broadly, the up to date Freeway Code units out the “hierarchy of highway customers”, making the uncontroversial level that faster and/or heavier modes of journey must be particularly cautious for many who are extra susceptible. Whereas this, because the code says, “most strongly applies” to these answerable for a motorised automobile, cyclists must be cautious for horses, and everybody must be cautious for pedestrians, particularly kids, older individuals, or individuals with disabilities.

Lastly: it’s not the fault of cyclists if drivers don’t know this

A lot of the unfavorable protection of the brand new Freeway Code has targeted on supposed confusion and ignorance. And I’m certain a very good publicity marketing campaign would do one thing. However to reiterate the sooner level, a lot of that is customary good sense and courtesy anyway, whereas different parts, akin to the first place and driving two abreast, have been within the guidelines for a few years however are nonetheless routinely unknown to drivers. Perhaps the adjustments to the code aren’t the issue?

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