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What’s Karo Syrup and is it Wholesome?

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Karo syrup is a extremely processed sweetener that’s poisonous and greatest averted in all culinary conditions. That is particularly the case for well-meaning however misinformed mother and father looking for to make a protected and nourishing selfmade child system.

Karo Syrup’s Sticky Historical past

Karo syrup is a gentle, sticky sweetener comprised of business cornstarch.

The Corn Merchandise Refining Firm of New York and Chicago initially developed it within the early 1900s to be used as livestock feed. (1)

Karo syrup paved the way in which for excessive fructose corn syrup, probably the most common and but unhealthy, inflammation-producing sweeteners in processed meals immediately.

The truth that Karo has been round for over a century doesn’t imply it’s protected or wholesome, particularly for infants and kids!

Karo for System?

By the mid-1900s, Karo syrup had developed from animal feed into mild and darkish syrups for human consumption.

It even turned a well-liked main ingredient for child system!

Shockingly, medical doctors would direct moms to mix Karo with water and canned evaporated milk to feed child on demand.

As if that wasn’t dangerous sufficient, darkish Karo was a really useful constipation treatment for kids as properly.

My very own mom can attest to this foolishness. Her seven youngsters have been born throughout this period.

The physician’s observe under is from 1960. It reveals that moms have been to feed their newborns each 3-4 hours with system comprised of:

  • 13 ounces evaporated milk
  • 10 ounces water
  • 2 tablespoons (darkish) Karo syrup
karo syrup indicated on doctor's note for baby formula

GMOs, Glyphosate and Preservatives

With business child system shortages rising world wide, determined mother and father looking for to make their very own are reviving the usage of this unhealthy combination not realizing the risks to their child.

Karo syrup of many years in the past was dangerous sufficient.

At this time, producers use genetically modified corn to make Karo syrup.

This GMO crop is closely sprayed with glyphosate (Roundup).

This herbicide is thought to disrupt regular intestine operate, contributing to the event of autoimmune ailments in keeping with Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT. (2, 3)

As well as, the toxin sodium benzoate is used as a preservative. Amongst different considerations, The Lancet printed a examine that discovered sodium benzoate to be a possible set off for ADHD whatever the youngster’s psychological well being historical past or age. (4)

Below no conceivable circumstances ought to infants be consuming Karo syrup!

This PhD nutritionist child system recipe utilizing grassfed milk (or complete milk yogurt) is a a lot smarter and safer selection that mimics breastmilk most intently.

Notice to self…Karo isn’t protected for adults both!

For dessert recipes equivalent to pecan pie that misguidedly name for this poisonous sweetener, natural brown rice syrup is a greater different to contemplate (although not good).

dark karo in glass bottle white background


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