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What Is A Crystal Chakra Wand, How Do You Use It, and the Greatest Ones to Purchase?

Chakra vitality therapeutic has turn out to be extraordinarily well-liked in recent times, and it now extends far past yoga and meditation. You’ll find chakra crystals and stones in non secular shops and on-line marketplaces, together with a fast-growing choice of crystal-based bracelets and different jewellery. 

It’s believed that sure crystals maintain the identical frequency and qualities as specific chakras. Thus, they are able to dispel adverse vitality from our chakras, selling therapeutic and stability. Crystals are utilized in different therapies like Reiki however are usually not scientifically confirmed. 

One of many latest crystal-based chakra merchandise to seem available on the market is the crystal chakra wand. They’re marketed as a strong therapeutic instrument, however what precisely are they, and the way do they work together with the seven chakras?

What’s a crystal chakra wand?

A crystal chakra wand is a linear-shaped therapeutic instrument composed of a number of crystals. These vitality therapeutic wands use the vitality of therapeutic crystals to unblock and realign a number of chakras. Reiki and vitality therapeutic practitioners can even use them to scan the aura and chakra system to find vitality blockages or stagnation. 

The look of the wand can differ, with some having a stick/pencil design and others having a tumbled model. Furthermore, the chakra wands can come in numerous sizes, between 2 and 10 inches lengthy. The form doesn’t decide the wand’s energy, although; the standard of the crystals used is rather more crucial.

Chakra wands have pointed recommendations on one or each ends to assist direct vitality to or away from the precise chakra you’re working with. These with one pointed tip (generally known as terminated wands) can instantly vitality inward or outwards relying on the route you utilize it. These with two suggestions (double-terminated wands) can concurrently draw adverse vitality away from a chakra and direct constructive vitality to it. 

How do crystal chakra wands work?

Chakra wands are produced from crystals which might be believed to have therapeutic properties for the physique, thoughts, and spirit. The molecular composition of a crystal offers them a selected vibration and frequency. If this matches one of many vitality facilities, utilizing the stone by way of vitality therapeutic might assist to align the chakra system and break up vitality blockages in that individual heart.

Chakra wands have two main functions; to scan the delicate physique for blockages and heal or strengthen an vitality heart. That is potential as a result of the vibrational currents of crystal wands ship adverse vitality away from a chakra, growing the free circulation of life power there. Due to this fact, they need to be used on weak (underactive) chakras.

You would possibly really feel the consequences of crystal chakra vitality therapeutic bodily, mentally, or emotionally as blocked chakras could cause illnesses in all three areas. For instance, utilizing a chakra wand for the center chakra might allow you to heal from emotional ache, undertake a extra constructive or grateful mindset, or scale back bronchial asthma signs. 

In case you use a chakra wand to align all the chakra system, you would possibly really feel a basic constructive sensation fairly than one thing particular. For instance, you would possibly discover an vitality or temper enhance or a way of pleasure or peace. 

Methods to use a crystal chakra wand on your self

1- Cleanse it

In case you’ve used crystals earlier than, it’s possible you’ll know the significance of cleansing them earlier than use. It is because crystals carry an brisk cost, both constructive or adverse. Due to this fact, it’s at all times finest follow to clean your crystal wand to clear any adverse vitality earlier than utilizing it for the primary time.

There are numerous methods to cleanse your crystal chakra wand. The quickest approach is to wash it underneath working water. Nevertheless, it’s more practical to soak it in salt water for as much as 48 hours. The salt within the water will draw out any negativity your chakra wand is holding. It’s also possible to cost it underneath the moonlight by leaving it outdoors at evening, ideally on a full moon.

2- Set an intention

When you’ve cleaned your chakra wand, hook up with its vitality throughout meditation follow. Maintain it in your arms and shut your eyes. Take a number of deep breaths. As soon as your thoughts feels clear, direct your consideration to the wand and take into consideration what you need it to do. 

If the chakra wand is for a selected vitality heart, take into consideration the qualities of that chakra that you just hope to expertise due to the wand’s therapeutic vitality. Or, if the crystal wand is designed to align all the chakra system, your intention might merely be to search out stability and serenity. 

3- Place the wand over the chakra and visualize the vitality

Guarantee you’re in a relaxed state when utilizing the crystal chakra wand. Sit or lay down as you favor and shut your eyes. Hover the wand over the chakra you’re engaged on and envision the vitality there. Visualize the chakra’s coloration within the type of an vitality ball that’s spinning clockwise within the chakra’s location. 

4- Flip the wand in a clockwise circle

Whereas envisioning the vitality ball handing over a clockwise route, start to maneuver the wand on this route too. Don’t go too quick or too gradual, and attempt to match the wand’s motion with the motion in your thoughts’s imaginative and prescient.

5- Think about adverse vitality leaving the chakra

As you flip the wand, envision any stagnating or blocked vitality dissolving and transferring away from the chakra, leaving solely free flowing life power current. Do that for so long as you’re feeling is important. This course of is basically cleansing out any cobwebs from the chakra. 

6- Launch the visualization or transfer your consideration to the following chakra

If you’re engaged on one chakra solely, after you’re feeling the vitality heart is evident, cease the wand’s motion and place it on the bottom, redirecting your consideration to the breath. 

If balancing all chakras, transfer your focus and the wand as much as the following one, repeating the method on all seven chakras. Bear in mind to start out on the first chakra on the base of the backbone, transferring up the ultimate chakra on the prime of the pinnacle. 

Are crystal wands harmful?

While you hear the phrase wand, it’s pure to fret if this instrument might trigger any hurt. Nevertheless, a chakra wand shouldn’t be a magic instrument; thus, it cannot trigger injury. Moreover, chakra wands solely work if used accurately and with intention. However in the event you use it unsuitable, it won’t have any antagonistic impact. 

The one cause you would possibly really feel unhealthy after utilizing a chakra wand is in the event you didn’t cleanse it earlier than use, as defined above. Nevertheless, it can doubtless solely briefly disrupt your energetic physique. 

How to decide on a chakra therapeutic wand

Chakra therapeutic wands will both include a number of crystals or only one stone. Those who include one stone goal particular chakras, whereas these with seven crystals have therapeutic properties for all seven energetic facilities. 

Greatest chakra wand for the basis chakra

The root chakra (Muladhara) is situated on the base of the backbone and is answerable for our emotions of security, safety, and stability. If there’s a blockage within the first chakra, it’s possible you’ll really feel excessive nervousness or worry round your security, really feel insecure inside your self, or wrestle to really feel “at residence” wherever.

In case you’re trying to heal the Muladhara, select Purple Jasper, Black Tourmaline, or Bloodstone, which all possess highly effective grounding vitality. 

Greatest chakra wand for the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) is situated within the decrease stomach and governs our sense of creativity, sexuality, and pleasure. If this chakra is unbalanced, you would possibly really feel out of contact emotionally or creatively or lack need or ardour.

For second chakra therapeutic, select a chakra wand that accommodates Moonstone, Citrine, or Carnelian stones. 

Greatest chakra wand for the photo voltaic plexus chakra

The photo voltaic plexus chakra (Manipura) sits within the higher stomach and is answerable for our confidence, vanity, dedication, and braveness. If this chakra is weak, you may need a low self-image, simply quit on issues, or really feel fearful about taking motion.

One of the best stones for the photo voltaic plexus are Calcite, Topaz, or Tiger’s Eye, so search for wands with one in every of these stones.

Greatest chakra wand for the center chakra

The coronary heart chakra (Anahata) is situated within the heart of the chest, serving to us really feel love, pleasure, compassion, and gratitude. If blocked, it’s possible you’ll wrestle to offer or obtain love, maintain onto resentment and deal with the adverse aspect of issues.

Use chakra wands with Emerald, Jade, Rose Quartz, Inexperienced Tourmaline, or different stones of the colour inexperienced to open the center.

Greatest chakra wand for the throat chakra

The throat chakra (Visshudha) sits within the heart of the throat, governing communication and self-expression. When weak, you’ll wrestle to precise your self verbally, communicate your fact and ask for what you need and wish. 

Strengthen the Vishuddha with wands produced from Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Aquamarine, or Turquoise.

Greatest chakra wand for the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra (Ajna) is situated between the eyebrows and is our heart of instinct and imaginative and prescient. If this vitality heart is weak, it’s possible you’ll really feel like your thoughts is clouded and busy and wrestle to focus or see issues clearly. 

Convey stability to the third eye with a wand produced from ​​Labradorite, Obsidian, or Blue Aventurine.

Greatest chakra wand for the crown chakra

The crown chakra (Sahasrara) sits simply above the highest of the pinnacle and governs our non secular connection and consciousness. When unbalanced, we could wrestle to connect with our function, comply with steering from the universe, and customarily really feel misplaced.

Strengthen the life power within the Sahasrara with an Amethyst, Charoite, or Selenite wand.

Greatest chakra wand for all seven chakras

If you’re uncertain which chakra is blocked or really feel imbalances in a number of vitality facilities, select a Seven Chakra Crystal Therapeutic Wand. This KALIFANO crystal wand accommodates seven particular crystals, one for every vitality heart:

  • Purple Jasper for the basis 
  • Orange Calcite for the sacral 
  • Yellow Calcite for the photo voltaic plexus 
  • Aventurine for the center 
  • Lapis Lazuli for the throat 
  • Blue Aventurine for the third eye 
  • Amethyst for the crown 

It’s also possible to purchase units that include one wand for every vitality heart, like this one from UNIHOM. The seven wands are double-terminated and naturally polished, and the set comes with a wood Metatron crystal grid.

Ultimate ideas

Crystal chakra wands provide a probably efficient method to heal and stability the delicate physique. Nevertheless, like all chakra therapeutic methods, keep in mind that crystal wands are usually not scientifically confirmed to deal with bodily or psychological illnesses. Due to this fact, in case you are experiencing any bodily ache or psychological misery, search extra medical recommendation from an expert.

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