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What Emotion Am I? Take The Human Feelings Quiz

Feelings are outlined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a pure instinctive frame of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, temper, or relationships with others.” Relying which psychological principle or analysis examine you reference, there are wherever from 4 to 34,000 feelings—and neither would actually be mistaken.

One 2019 examine printed within the journal Frontiers in Psychology1, for instance, suggests there are 4 varieties of primary feelings: happiness, unhappiness, worry, and anger. However after we begin to dig slightly deeper, we perceive that happiness can embody every part from pleasure to curiosity to like, whereas worry can embody every part from anxiousness to dread to panic.

Further analysis has recognized 27 fundamental feelings, whereas one other widespread principle of feelings developed by psychologist Robert Plutchik, Ph.D., holds that people have the capability to expertise over 34,000 distinctive feelings. Plutchik and different theorists have usually depicted these numerous varieties of emotions as an emotion wheel, such because the one beneath:

Positive Recharge
Positive Recharge
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