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Treatment Weight problems and Scale back Weight with Asanas at House

Are you coping with weight problems? Not capable of cut back weight naturally? Don’t you are worried, you’ll be able to cut back weight with asanas! Sure, yoga asanas can assist you to lose these additional kilos supplied you’re constant in your efforts. Learn on which asanas can assist you!

Scale back weight with asanas

Scale back Weight with Asanas Naturally

Yoga isn’t a brand new idea however it’s centuries outdated and has confirmed efficient to deal with a number of well being points. Once you wish to drop extra pounds naturally, yoga has the reply, uncover these yoga asanas now-

1.  Surya Namaskar or Solar Salutation

This asana is one of the best ways to burn energy and cut back weight. It’s helpful for individuals of all ages from youngsters to outdated individuals.

Comprising 12 yoga poses, the solar salutation is the very best asana to burn energy, get toned muscle tissues, and cut back weight too.

You may lose 13.90 energy with one spherical of Surya Namaskar. Accordingly, you might set a goal and progressively enhance the rounds, nonetheless, carry out it slowly for efficient outcomes.

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Sun solution


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2. Urdhvahastottanasana

Stand erect, heels joined. Interlock your fingers and slowly elevate your palms up whereas inhaling. Now, exhale and bend to the left on the waist. Maintain the place so long as you’ll be able to, respiration usually. Then inhale and convey the physique again to an erect place. Repeat for the proper facet. Repeat the asana 6-8 instances.

For a complicated model, you might bend your backbone and neck. Nevertheless, the newcomers ought to keep on with the unique asana solely.

Urdhva Hastottan Asana

This pose strengthens your muscle tissues, legs, shoulders, again, and stomach. It additionally tones your muscle tissues, aids digestion, and improves your physique posture.

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3. Ek Pad Utanasana

Lie on the again, maintain the heels collectively and put the palms on the ground by the facet of the physique. Inhale slowly, stretch one of many ft ahead and carry the proper leg up. Maintain the breath, stay on this place for six to eight seconds, and convey the leg down whereas exhaling.

Follow this train with the opposite leg. At first, this asana ought to be practiced 4 instances with every leg. After apply, one can apply this asana extra instances with every leg.

Ek Pad Utanasana

This one improves hamstring muscle tissues, again muscle tissues, and stomach muscle tissues too. Furthermore, the asana additionally helps to cut back weight across the stomach and tone the muscle tissues. Not solely this, this yoga asana treats digestive points and is nice for ladies’s well being.

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4. Uttanopadasana

Lie down in Shavasana, inhale and begin elevating your legs as much as 30 levels. Proceed regular respiration and convey down your left leg slowly until the heel touches the ground.

Now, inhale and begin elevating your left foot until it joins your proper foot, stick with it and convey down your proper leg slowly until the heel touches the ground, and loosen up. Repeat the identical together with your proper leg.

Hold the knees straight and toes outstretched and slowly carry each ft down until each heels contact the ground and loosen up.

Uttano pad asana

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Uttanopadasana or the raised leg pose tones the muscle tissues of the legs and stomach, and relieves again and hamstring muscle tissues moreover firming the stomach space. It improves digestive points and helps to cut back weight naturally.

5. Pada Sanchalasana (Bicycling)

Lie down on the ground or onerous mattress in your again, however the palms on the ground by the facet of the physique dealing with palm upward and lift your left leg and make an enormous zero by rotating it in a clockwise path from the hip joint. Proceed to make 8-10 circles with out touching the bottom in any respect.

After rotating in a clockwise path, rotate the identical leg within the anticlockwise path for 8-10 rounds. Loosen up for a while and repeat the identical train together with your proper leg. Take a standard breath.

This asana will also be carried out with each legs at a time however these affected by backache, slip disc, sciatica, hypertension, and coronary heart illnesses ought to do that asana with just one leg at a time.

pad sanchalasana

Carry out this asana to cut back weight, lose stomach fats and enhance the digestive system too. Step by step, enhance the units for this yoga pose for higher outcomes.


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6. Drututtanpadasana:

Stretch your physique and maintain it taut. Inhale and lift each legs slowly whereas placing stress in your palms. Align your legs at 90° to the ground after which slowly carry them down. Nevertheless, simply earlier than touching the bottom, elevate each legs again up. Repeat these procedures 8-10 instances or until you’re feeling drained.

Inhale whereas elevating the legs, and exhale whereas bringing them down. Repeat this asana 3-5 instances. Take precautions so that you simply progressively begin your asana and workouts not directly.

Drut uttanpadasana

All of the asanas and workouts ought to be discovered from any guru and practiced underneath his steerage. These yoga asanas ought to be averted by individuals affected by hypertension, and critical coronary heart situations.

These affected by again issues comparable to Sciatica and Slipped disc mustn’t do the bending postures of Surya Namaskar and carry out the opposite asanas with one leg at a time.


You may cut back weight with the above-mentioned asanas safely with none unwanted effects.

Scale back Weight with Yoga Asanas 

Common workouts, yoga, and meditation are additionally very helpful in controlling psychological elements like melancholy, anxiousness, stress, and anger. Workout routines and yoga are additionally very efficient in controlling illnesses as a result of heredity and genetic causes. For medical situations seek the advice of a certified physician.

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Furthermore, modifications in life-style, consuming habits, workouts, and asanas talked about above will management your weight, and strengthen your immune system and inside organs however in case you are in search of muscle tissues/bodybuilding then it is best to see

Different choices like on-line train coaching underneath the steerage of consultants.

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