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The Flower Of Life: Meanings, Symbolism & How To Work With It

The flower of life is among the most acknowledged symbols within the historic and trendy world. The sacred geometric sample consists of 19 intersecting circles spaced evenly from one another that reveal an intricate sample of overlapping symmetrical flowers. 

The putting visible is supposed to characterize creation, the sacred masculine and divine female, and cycles of life, loss of life, and rebirth. Some imagine the flower of life can be a key that may unlock hidden information of time and house inside its petal-like buildings. 

“At baseline, it’s a geometric type of good—and a few would say divine—proportion,” intuitive power healer and creator of Vitality Work For the Elite Athlete, Cyndi Dale tells mindbodygreen. “The flower of life is a good looking and historic image that has been depicted in lots of cultures throughout time. It’s present in Egyptian, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and Judaic paintings, spiritual buildings, and manuscripts,” she provides.

Primarily based on Assyrian relics, historians can date the flower of life to 645 BC. Past its earliest origins, creator of Sacred Geometry: How To Use Cosmic Patterns To Energy Up Your Life, Jemma Foster, shares the flower of life will also be present in numerous temples and sacred websites throughout the globe, just like the 5,000-year-old partitions of the Osirian temple in Egypt, the place it’s burnt into the stone as if by laser. 

“We are able to think about the flower of life as the unique blueprint for all times, a cosmic generator or amplifier that helps and sustains all dwelling issues,” Foster says. 

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Positive Recharge
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