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The eighth Chakra Defined: What Is The Soul Star Chakra & How Do You Open It?

Do you know there are greater than seven chakras?

The seven chakra system is essentially the most generally studied one, which is why you solely hear about these seven main power facilities.

Nonetheless, many yogis consider extra energetic vortexes exist, with theories starting from 12 to 114 chakras!

Whereas there isn’t sufficient obtainable information to find out these beliefs, one extra chakra we’re studying increasingly about is the eighth chakra, often called the soul star chakra.

So if like me, you could have a ardour for every part chakra associated, you’ll love this text.

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Prepared to find the wonders of the eighth chakra and learn to unlock it? Learn on.

Introduction To The eighth Chakra

The eighth chakra is called the soul star chakra, star chakra, or Vyapini in Sanskrit. It’s believed to be positioned immediately above the crown chakra. As we can’t see or visually detect the chakras, their actual distance from the human physique is unknown. However it’s estimated to be round one foot from the highest of the pinnacle.

Every chakra has a particular frequency and colour related to it. The upper the chakra, the upper the frequency. The soul star’s frequency is 1074 Hz, and its related colour is believed to be white, just like the crown chakra.

In Kundalini yoga, the eighth chakra is acknowledged because the aura (the electromagnetic discipline surrounding our our bodies) quite than as an power middle above our heads.

What Does The eighth Chakra Characterize?

The soul star and all of the chakras positioned from the pinnacle upward are often called essentially the most religious chakras. It is because they characterize religious connection and transcending to the next consciousness, and every one provides a deeper stage of religious power.

The soul star chakra might be seen because the gateway to the divine and our larger self, evoking deeper religious consciousness than the crown chakra. It connects us to different dimensions and permits us to entry our past-life regressions, Akashic Information and Shadow Information.

After we can entry and heal the trauma we skilled in our previous lives, we clear all karmic residue. This enables us to drop the unconscious illusions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors that saved us from our larger self and the divine love that follows.

The eighth chakra can also be associated to psychic powers, mediumship, and shamanic power therapeutic. Moreover, the soul star chakra is sometimes called the seat of divine love, believed to advertise religious compassion and religious selflessness.

What Does It Really feel Like When The eighth Chakra Is Open?

You acquire a brand new stage of religious notion once you open this chakra. Till this level, you might even see your self as a bodily physique with an earth-bound character. Nonetheless, this chakra opens us as much as the reality that we’re an immortal soul, and our bodily physique is only a non permanent automobile for this life. This realization will increase our capability for deep compassion and unconditional love for all beings.

Thus, the eighth chakra permits us to expertise the religious dualism of life on earth. We absolutely understand there isn’t a separation between beings, solely oneness, as all beings share the identical common consciousness.

Furthermore, when the eighth chakra is open, you’ll clearly perceive what your soul’s goal (or dharma) for this lifetime is. So as phrases, you’ll know precisely the place you might be on this particular incarnation. This readability comes by means of releasing the egoic self and all its limitations and connecting with the upper self.

How To Open The eighth Chakra

The upper chakras are believed to be essentially the most troublesome to open, as it’s a must to work your method up the system. Thus, you need to guarantee there may be clear power flowing by means of the seven main chakras earlier than activating the eighth chakra.

We will work to open this chakra by doing practices that improve our religious consciousness and religious knowledge. Under are some strategies that will assist.

In case you are new to working with the chakras and don’t have already got a longtime religious apply, search an power healer who can information you.

Visualization Meditation

Guided visualization meditations are a strong technique to activate the power of a specific chakra. Visualization methods can help you join together with your religious physique and its refined power.

Take a look at this quick Guided Eighth Chakra Meditation. Together with transferring your consciousness to the power facilities, it encompasses a visualization to satisfy your larger self and ask it for steerage to advance in your religious journey.

Earlier than you start any meditation apply, take a while to get into a snug seated place and join to the current second. Take no less than a couple of deep breaths and guarantee your backbone is straight earlier than starting.


Like with all chakras, you need to use particular affirmations to activate the refined power of the eighth chakra. Listed below are a couple of examples.

  • I belief my instinct
  • I open myself to divine love
  • I’m linked to the cosmic energies
  • I’m freed from karmic residue
  • I’m aligned with my soul’s goal
  • I’m linked to my larger self and private energy
  • I’m free from the illusions of my ego
  • I’m one with the universe and linked to the guts of Mom Earth

I like to recommend following this guided Soul Star Affirmation Meditation on Perception Timer. It lasts one hour, so you may play it within the background whereas working, cooking, cleansing, and many others. Listening to affirmations on repeat like that is the simplest technique to entry the unconscious thoughts.

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Amethyst Quartz Pendulum and Selenite Crystal Wand enhances religious consciousness and has sturdy therapeutic and cleaning powers and thought as an ideal stone for meditation.
Full therapeutic stones package are appropriate for meditation, yoga and reiki.

Crystal Therapeutic

Should you’re aware of chakra cleaning practices, you’ll already know that crystals maintain potent qualities. Working with sure crystals can assist us faucet into the qualities of an power middle and enhance the power circulate there.

Lots of the crystals that profit crown chakra cleaning additionally work for the eighth chakra, comparable to:

  • Amethyst – Often called probably the most religious crystals, Amethyst promotes religious knowledge and connection to divine power and better states of consciousness.
  • Clear Quartz – This translucent gemstone promotes religious development and has the facility to clear our energetic blockages. When used with different crystals, Quartz can amplify their qualities.
  • Selenite – This clear-colored stone promotes peace, calm, and therapeutic and clears the upper chakras of blockages or stagnation. It could possibly additionally draw out any destructive power out of your aura to facilitate connection to larger realms.
  • Indigo Kyanite – This distinctive and comparatively uncommon crystal combines the instinct of the violet ray with the belief of the pure blue ray. It’s linked to common fact and religious mastery and is even mentioned to facilitate states of lucid dreaming and astral journey.

You possibly can work with these crystals in varied methods. The commonest strategies are to:

  • Maintain them whereas meditating – Select clean, rounded, and polished crystals like this Amethyst Palm Stone.
  • Put on them round your neck like with this Pure Selenate Pendant.
  • Preserve them in your bedside desk – Clusters or crystal lamps like this one by Himalayan Glow are a wonderful alternative.
  • Use them throughout an power therapeutic session like Reiki – For instance, this Amethyst Therapeutic Crystal Wand can direct the stone’s power to sure elements of your physique.

Sound Therapeutic

With sound therapeutic, you take heed to music tuned to a particular Solfeggio frequency. So, because the eighth chakra has a frequency of 1074 Hz, you may take heed to music tuned to this. 

This 1-hour 1074 Hz eighth Chakra Activation is right. Whether or not you utilize it whereas meditating or whereas laying in mattress at evening, it should assist to activate the eighth chakra and filter out any blockages current. I like to recommend listening to it utilizing headphones for optimum effectiveness.

Built-in Vitality Remedy (IET)

Sure varieties of power therapeutic, comparable to Built-in Vitality Remedy (IET), also can assist activate the soul star chakra. IET is an attunement-based power therapeutic apply that makes use of a violet angelic ray to clear bodily, psychological, emotional, and religious blockages.

IET is believed to assist practitioners launch thought patterns, habits, and unexpressed emotions, in addition to clear energetic blockages and karmic residue from previous lives. The attunement raises your vibration, so you’re feeling extra linked to your instinct and soul’s contract.

FAQs About The Chakra System

What Is The 12 Chakra System?

The 12-chakra system consists of the primary seven chakras that run from the area of the backbone to the crown of the pinnacle, plus 5 extra power facilities, together with the soul star chakra, positioned outdoors the human physique.

There are a couple of totally different theories in regards to the order of the 12 chakras. Nonetheless, one widespread interpretation is as follows:

  1. Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra
  4. Coronary heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Third Eye Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra
  8. Soul Star Chakra
  9. Common Chakra
  10. Earth Star Chakra
  11. Galactic Chakra
  12. Divine Gateway Chakra

Word that the Earth Star chakra is claimed to be positioned under the basis chakra. Chakras 9 to 12 are positioned off the physique above the crown chakra in a single line (all immediately above one another).

Should you’re taken with studying extra about these 5 extra chakras, I like to recommend studying The Full Information to Chakras by April Pfender, which works a lot deeper into the 12-chakra system.

What Are The 114 Chakras?

Sadly, there isn’t a information of what the 114 chakras are referred to as. Nonetheless, they’re believed to encompass the 7 main chakras we already learn about, 21 minor chakras, and 86 micro chakras. In response to this idea, 112 reside throughout the bodily physique, whereas solely 2 are outdoors.

Whereas the seven main chakras are positioned alongside the backbone and within the head, the minor ones are in different physique elements, such because the fingers, knees, legs, elbows, tongue, shoulders, eyes, ears, and nostril. Nonetheless, they aren’t all lively concurrently; some are distinguished, whereas others lie dormant.

Last Ideas On The eighth Chakra

Whereas the soul star chakra is far lesser recognized than the seven main chakras, it’s an equally vital power middle. By activating the soul star, you’ll not solely improve your religious connection, however you may heal from previous life traumas and launch the ego’s restraints. Furthermore, this chakra permits us to totally understand and deeper align with our soul’s goal.

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