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The 12 Chakras System And How To Activate Every Vitality Heart

The chakra system is an intriguing but scientifically unproven idea, which continues to attract the curiosity of modern-day yoga, reiki, and new age practitioners. The chakras are power facilities, that are a part of the delicate physique, one that can not be seen. Nonetheless, they’re illustrated as colourful symbols that you’ll find on the partitions of most yoga studios and non secular shops.

The chakras originate from India, with roots in Hinduism and Tantra. What we learn about them at present is restricted, together with what number of there are. Some folks declare there are 7 important power facilities, whereas others say there are 12 chakras. Nonetheless, in keeping with some historic texts and scriptures, there may very well be over 100. On this article, we’ll discover the 12 chakras system.

How Many Chakras Are There?

Probably the most acquainted understanding is that there are seven important chakras, which run from the bottom of the backbone to the highest of the pinnacle. These seven chakras have related colours, mantras, symbols, frequencies, and components, and all govern specific elements of our bodily, psychological, and non secular well-being. Earlier than we go additional, let’s take a short take a look at the seven main chakras:

  • Root Chakra – Situated on the base of the backbone. Governs our security, safety, and sense of groundedness.
  • Sacral Chakra – Situated within the decrease stomach close to the sexual organs. Liable for creativity, pleasure, ardour, sexuality, and feelings.
  • Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra – Situated within the higher stomach above the stomach button. The middle of our private energy, power, braveness, and resilience. 
  • Coronary heart Chakra – Situated within the heart of the chest. Governs our capacity to like and be liked, really feel compassion, empathy, gratitude, and pleasure, and forgive others. 
  • Throat Chakra – Situated within the heart of the throat. Liable for communication and self-expression.
  • Third Eye Chakra – situated between the eyebrows. Heart of our instinct, imaginative and prescient, and creativeness.
  • Crown Chakra – situated above the highest of the pinnacle. Governs non secular connection and enlightenment. 

Many historic yogis believed many extra power facilities exist other than the above seven. For instance, Dr. Sri Amit Ray believes there are 114 chakras within the human physic physique and 72000 Nadis. He then splits the chakras into seven main chakras; 21 minor chakras, and 86 micro chakras. 

The seven important chakras run up the backbone. Nonetheless, the remaining are distributed round physique elements just like the toes or knees or situated off the bodily physique. 

One of many latest beliefs amongst new-age practitioners is the existence of the 12 chakra system. ​​This consists of the seven main chakras and a further 5 (or 6) outer chakras (transpersonal and subpersonal). These new chakras exist exterior the physique and symbolize our interconnectedness with greater non secular realms. 

Order Of The 12 Chakra System

In the case of the 12 chakra system, there’s a lot lack of awareness of the order of the extra chakras. Nonetheless, one frequent interpretation is as follows:

  • 1st Chakra: Earth Star Chakra
  • 2nd Chakra: Root Chakra 
  • third Chakra: Sacral Chakra 
  • 4th Chakra: Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra
  • fifth Chakra: Coronary heart Chakra
  • sixth Chakra: Throat Chakra
  • seventh Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
  • eighth Chakra: Crown Chakra
  • ninth Chakra: Soul Star Chakra
  • tenth Chakra: Common Chakra 
  • eleventh Chakra: Galactic Chakra
  • twelfth Chakra: Divine Gateway Chakra

One other interpretation of the 12 chakra system truly options 13 chakras, however the Earth Star Chakra is known as Chakra 0. This variation then consists of the 5 chakras above the crown.

  • Chakra 0: Earth Star Chakra
  • Chakra 1: Root Chakra 
  • Chakra 2: Sacral Chakra 
  • Chakra 3: Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra
  • Chakra 4: Coronary heart Chakra
  • Chakra 5: Throat Chakra
  • Chakra 6: Third Eye Chakra
  • Chakra 7: Crown Chakra
  • Chakra 8: Soul Star Chakra
  • Chakra 9: Spirit Star Chakra
  • Chakra 10: Common Chakra 
  • Chakra 11: Galactic Chakra
  • Chakra 12: Divine Gateway Chakra

As a result of so little is understood concerning the chakras past the seven main chakras, you might also come throughout different variations of the chakra system that function a distinct order and completely different chakra names. Due to this fact, when studying concerning the 12 chakras, keep in mind that there isn’t any scientific proof to show they exist. 

The Meanings Of The 12 Chakras

Each chakra has a singular goal and possesses particular qualities that have an effect on a specific a part of our thoughts, physique, or soul. Data of a number of the 6 extra chakras is restricted, however let’s focus on what we learn about every a part of the 12 chakra system.

Earth Star Chakra

The earth star chakra, Vasundhara in Sanskrit, is a subpersonal chakra situated beneath the toes. The power heart is off the physique, however the actual distance is unknown, estimated to be between 6 to 18 inches beneath the soles of your toes. 

The earth star chakra has a grounding, earthy power like the foundation chakra and is described because the “grounding twine” that pulls our Lightbody in direction of the earth’s heart. The related shade is black when unactivated and magenta (purplish-red) when open. 

The earth star shares most of the identical qualities as the foundation chakra, as when activated, it lets you really feel centered and grounded and, thus, perform effectively on the bodily airplane. This entails the power to keep up a job, deal with funds and take care of your well being via weight-reduction plan and train. Conversely, if this chakra is unactivated, an individual could lead a self-destructive life, battle with addictions and battle to search out order. 

In modern-day, the earth star chakra lets you decelerate the tempo and hook up with nature to keep away from burnout from a fast-paced way of life. Thus, it could assist us stability our obligations and never lose our heart. 

How To Activate The Earth Star Chakra

One efficient strategy to activate the earth chakra is by “earthing,” that means to stroll barefoot on the bottom. This is without doubt one of the greatest methods to reconnect with mom nature and improve the earth component inside us. 

You are able to do this exercise wherever, however it’s best on pure earth equivalent to grass or sand slightly than concrete pavements. As with all chakra therapeutic methods, aware consideration is crucial so keep current whereas “earthing” and give attention to the feeling of the bottom beneath your toes.

Root Chakra

The basis chakra, Muladhara in Sanskrit, is situated on the base of the backbone, close to the tailbone. It really works with the earth star chakra to create a way of security and safety, possessing grounding power. When this chakra is open, an individual feels centered, safe, and comfy with themselves and their environment. The basis chakra’s related shade is pink.

How To Activate The Root Chakra

As the foundation chakra is related to the earth component, spending time in nature is without doubt one of the greatest methods to carry extra life power to this power heart. Taking a stroll within the forest or climbing a mountain has highly effective grounding qualities and helps clear the thoughts and calm the spirit, releasing worry and nervousness.

Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra, Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, has its place within the decrease stomach, near the reproductive organs that it governs. This chakra handles emotional regulation, inventive potential, sexuality, and the power to really feel and pursue pleasure. 

The Swadhisthana chakra is related to the water component. Somebody with an open sacral chakra can move with the ups and downs of life and discover ease slightly than be overtaken by their feelings. The second chakra’s shade is orange.

How To Activate The Sacral Chakra

Join with the water component by spending time in or by massive swimming pools of water, ideally from pure sources. Swim in an ocean, kayak in a lake, or paddle in a river. Alternatively, soaking in water by taking baths may also help to activate this chakra.

Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra

The photo voltaic plexus chakra, Manipura in Sanskrit, sits within the higher stomach beneath the ribs. It governs our digestive organs and manages our degree of confidence, braveness, and self-belief. When activated, we faucet into our inside power and private energy and really feel decided, resilient, and unstoppable. The Manipura’s shade is yellow and is related to the hearth component. 

How To Activate The Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra

Constructing warmth within the physique will improve the hearth component and thus, activate the power of the Manipura chakra. Excessive-intensity train is an effective way to do that, as it’s a pure temper and confidence booster. As well as, core work, equivalent to sit-ups, is helpful as they instantly work within the photo voltaic plexus space, creating focused warmth.

Coronary heart Chakra

The center chakra, Anahata in Sanskrit, is situated within the heart of the chest, bridging collectively the decrease and higher chakras. It’s equally balanced between the bodily and non secular realm and has calm, therapeutic power.

Anahata’s qualities embrace unconditional love, pleasure, gratitude, forgiveness, and understanding. When activated, an individual can provide and obtain love freely and absolutely. The related shade is inexperienced.

How To Activate The Coronary heart Chakra

You may activate the fourth chakra by instantly growing the optimistic qualities it possesses. For instance, hold a gratitude journal the place you state three stuff you really feel grateful for every day. Alternatively, follow metta meditation that promotes love and kindness to all beings.  

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, Vishuddha in Sanskrit, sits within the throat heart and controls our communication and self-expression. When activated, an individual can specific themself freely with out worry and has the boldness to say what they truthfully suppose and converse their fact. Moreover, they will pay attention effectively to others and contemplate contrasting opinions whereas remaining genuine. The related shade is gentle blue. 

How To Activate The Throat Chakra

The Vishuddha is related to the voice field. Due to this fact, firming these muscular tissues via singing, chanting, talking aloud affirmations, or working towards public talking will improve the life power of this chakra. 

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra, often known as the forehead chakra or Ajna in Sanskrit, is located between the eyebrows. This power heart has extra non secular qualities than the earlier ones, equivalent to instinct, imaginative and prescient, and inside knowledge. 

The Ajna chakra can be related to the thoughts. If activated, an individual can suppose clearly, see issues from different views and sense their inside steerage. Its related shade is darkish blue (indigo).

How To Activate The Third Eye Chakra

Practices that assist clear the thoughts and decelerate the thought processes like meditation, are perfect for awakening the third eye. Particularly, visualization and manifestation practices stimulate your creativeness and faucet into the qualities of this heart. 

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, Sahasrara in Sanskrit, sits simply above the highest of the pinnacle, resembling a floating crown. It’s linked to non secular connection and better states of consciousness. When activated, an individual is aware of they’re extra than simply their bodily physique and understands that divine power is throughout. The related shade is purple (violet).

How To Activate The Crown Chakra

Meditating and different non secular practices will enable you to deepen your reference to the universe and open the seventh chakra. Studying non secular books and texts can heighten non secular consciousness, and stargazing can join you with the cosmos.

Soul Star Chakra

The soul star chakra (Sutara in Sanskrit) is the eighth power heart situated 6-12 inches above the seventh chakra. The eighth chakra is often known as the halo chakra, because it represents a luminous circle of divine gentle above your head.

This chakra is the first channel for divine power to journey to the remainder of the chakra system beneath. As a transpersonal chakra situated above the physique, the eighth chakra represents the upper planes of the etheric physique. Its related shade is fern inexperienced.

This power heart can be related to previous lives and karmic cycles. It lets you entry Akashic Information, an brisk library of knowledge containing the main points of your soul’s journey. In modern-day life, it allows you to domesticate peace and discover your goal in life. 

How To Activate The Soul Star Chakra

Religious practices like meditation and yoga and the most effective methods to channel the power of the soul star. Visualization, specifically, may be very efficient.

Think about brilliant gentle coming down from the universe and connecting to the etheric physique by operating via your seven major chakras. See the sunshine therapeutic you bodily and spiritually after which returning to the universe, leaving your soul purified and your goal clear.

What’s extra, as this chakra is expounded to the act of letting go, releasing unfavourable thought patterns and traits may also help activate it.

Spirit Star Chakra

The spirit star chakra (or spirit chakra) is situated above the soul star and is related to profound ranges of reference to the divine. The chakra is related to speaking with angels, gentle beings, and guides and represents the expansive non secular realm. Its related shade is turquoise (blue-green).

Whereas activation of the soul star chakra lets you hook up with your true goal, spirit chakra activation allows you to faucet into the total extent of your soul’s items and skills. Your capacity to manifest and create will increase via this direct connection to the divine.

Common Chakra 

The common chakra is the tenth chakra situated instantly above the spirit chakra. It’s represented as a pearl white shade and governs all common elements of being. Right here, we expertise a merging of our masculine and female energies, permitting us to faucet into the most effective qualities of each.

The universe chakra is the portal to the limitless move of creation. When activated, you fully align your gentle being together with your bodily being, leading to excellent concord with the universe. 

Galactic Chakra

The eleventh chakra, often called the galactic chakra, is expounded to time journey and carries supernatural powers like teleportation, prompt manifestation, and bi-location. This power heart encompasses whole cosmic knowledge, and when activated, it’s stated that an individual can journey past the bounds of time and area.

The galactic chakra’s shade is believed to be both pink-orange or a mix of violet, gold, and silver. 

How To Activate The Galactic Chakra

You may hook up with the power of the galactic chakra with a light-weight language vocal activation meditation. Visualize a diamond crystal as you chant the mantra Cha Numi Go Loa Sho like on this guided meditation.

Divine Gateway Chakra

The final of the 12 chakras is the divine gateway chakra, often known as the stellar gateway Chakra. This remaining level on the chakra journey represents full ascension and full oneness with the divine.

Activating this power century opens the door into the divine world. It’s believed that an individual who has opened this chakra has the non secular information to information others alongside their chakra journey to cosmic connection. The twelfth chakra seems as golden or multi-colored, shimmering power.

12 Chakra Symbols

Not all 12 chakra symbols are recognized, however there are illustrations for the seven main chakras and the earth star. 

  • Earth star chakra – Star Tetrahedron, often known as Merkaba. It options the intersection of two pyramids, making a six-sided 3D star hexagram, as illustrated above.
  • Root chakra – Pink Lotus with 4 petals shaped by a downward-facing triangle inside a sq. inside a circle.
  • Sacral chakra – Orange lotus flower with six petals. There are a number of circles and a crescent moon inside.
  • Photo voltaic plexus chakra – A yellow flower with ten petals and an inverted triangle inside.
  • Coronary heart chakra – A inexperienced round flower with 12 inexperienced petals and two intersecting triangles inside
  • Throat chakra – A round flower with 16 petals. Inside is an inverted triangle and a smaller circle.
  • Third eye chakra – A two petal lotus flower.
  • Crown chakra – A lotus with one thousand multi-colored petals.

Remaining Ideas

Unraveling the that means of the 12 chakras isn’t any straightforward job, particularly after we can’t see or really feel the power facilities instantly. Nonetheless, the activation methods on this article may also help transfer power to the chakras we sense are the weakest. Working with the chakras is a superb strategy to progress in your non secular journey, improve your vibration, and acquire new views. 

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