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Study The best way to Do Warrior 2 Pose (Video Tutorial)

Warrior 2 Pose is a traditional yoga posture and an important pose to know for anybody wanting to start out a yoga observe. Though this pose comes second within the Warrior collection, you’ll probably see it at school extra often than its counterparts, Warrior 1 Pose or Warrior 3 Pose.

Many yogi’s discover Warrior 2 Pose extra accessible than the opposite Warriors because of the open hips and its expansive nature. After a protracted maintain in Warrior 1 Pose or Warrior 3 Pose, Warrior 2 Pose might really feel a bit like a deal with.

Warrior 2 Pose differs from Warrior 1 Pose primarily within the alignment of the hips, shoulders and arms, in addition to the spacing of the ft. Warrior 3 Pose provides even additional variations, as it’s a single leg balancing posture.

You’ll discover Warrior 2 Pose in quite a lot of yoga class types, together with Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Energy, Iyengar, Scorching, Alignment and Circulate courses.

Confused about all these various kinds of yoga? Get readability right here.

Warrior 2 Pose is a superb pose for learners, however you’ll nonetheless discover it helpful after years of observe. There are lots of particulars that go into creating a robust and stable Warrior 2 Pose. Learn on for all the data you want to safely observe this pose.


Warrior 2 Pose at a Look

Sanskrit Identify: Virabhadrasana 2 or Virabhadrasana B
Pronunciation: veer-ah-bah-drahs-anna two
Targets the Physique: Full physique posture that each builds energy and opens the physique, and helps to construct focus
Muscle Teams Concerned: Shoulders, arms, spinal, hip flexors, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings
Nuances: Tilting of the pelvis, alignment of the ft


Right here’s The best way to Apply Warrior 2 Pose:

    • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) dealing with the brief finish of your mat along with your fingers in your hips
    • Leaving your left foot the place it’s, take a big step again along with your proper foot as you open to face the facet of your mat
    • Conventional alignment has the heel of your entrance foot according to both the heel or arch of your again foot
    • Land with the again foot at round a forty five diploma angle
    • Bend deeply into the entrance left leg bringing the hamstring near parallel with the ground
    • Look down at your left knee, you need it stacked above your ankle
    • In case your knee extends past your ankle in the direction of your toes, then crawl your entrance foot ahead
    • In case your knee is knocking in in the direction of the correct nook of your mat, then press the outer facet of your left knee open in the direction of the left
    • Discover how your hips are aligned, you need your hip bones to be even and open to the facet of the mat
    • The again hip tends to hike up, drop it down according to your left if essential
    • Agency the again leg by urgent down into the heel, pinkie and large toe mound of the again foot whereas lifting by means of the kneecap



  • Lengthen your arms lengthy along with your palms face down
  • Actively attain your arms ahead and again
  • Peek at your again arm and alter it to line up straight over your again leg
  • Deliver your gaze (drishti) ahead trying past your outstretched hand
  • Lengthen your backbone from the crown of your head to your tailbone
  • Your backbone ought to be pointing straight up and down, not leaning ahead over your entrance leg
  • Deliver your proper shoulder into alignment over your proper hip if you end up leaning ahead
  • Maintain your shoulders in a pure place, not reaching up in the direction of your ears or urgent down a lot it hurts your neck
  • Launch stress in your neck, jaw and fingers
  • When you find yourself prepared, return to Mountain Pose and take a look at the opposite facet


Able to Apply? Test Out Warrior 2 Pose (And Extra Poses) Within the Studying Yoga Video Collection

Learning Yoga

Yoga Class

With Ashton August & Alec Vishal Rouben

Make sure to take a look at YA Lessons’ Studying Yoga collection, a complete workshop-style program that breaks down over 30 of the commonest, foundational yoga poses. Get began with this standing posture, Warrior 2 Pose.

Warrior 2 Pose Advantages:

As with all of the Warrior’s, this pose is stuffed with advantages for each the physique and the thoughts.

It’s a significant physique strengthener. The ankles, legs, muscle mass of the again, core, shoulders and arms are all strengthened from training Warrior 2 Pose. Along with strengthening, the chest, shoulders and groin are all opened and safely stretched.

Many yogi’s discover Warrior 2 Pose extra accessible than the opposite Warriors because of the open hips and its expansive nature.

When you end up holding a Warrior 2 Pose for a very long time, you could start to really feel your physique shake, or your thoughts wander. Returning your consideration to your breath or the pose at hand will assist to construct perseverance and focus, each bodily and emotionally.

Feeling sturdy on the mat advantages you off the mat and lets you face day by day life challenges from a place of energy and consciousness.

Contraindications / Precautions to Be Conscious of:

Proceed with warning when you have a knee, neck or groin damage. This pose might place an excessive amount of strain on any of those areas.

Modify for these accidents by reducing the depth of the bend within the entrance knee, or trying to the facet of the mat moderately than the entrance. For a groin damage, you could need to keep away from this pose till healed.

Being pregnant creates loads of stress on the physique and impacts stability, stamina, and even the curvature of your decrease backbone in the course of the third trimester. All of those will have an effect on your expertise on this pose.

Warrior 2 Pose is taken into account a secure being pregnant pose, so make any changes wanted all through your being pregnant to really feel supported.

Right here’s The best way to Modify Warrior 2 Pose:

Like all yoga poses, there is no such thing as a excellent form to make on this pose that’s common to all yogi’s. Changes could also be essential that can assist you preserve your stability or maintain this pose for quite a lot of breaths.

Strive these choices to make Warrior 2 Pose extra accessible:

  • If the heel to heel alignment of the ft doesn’t really feel sustainable for you, then widen your stance a bit
  • Use a chair underneath your entrance thigh to offer assist for stability and stability
  • In case your groin feels overstretched, then rotate your again foot in to extra of a 35 diploma angle
  • Press the again foot right into a wall to offer extra assist in case you discover your legs spreading aside whereas holding this posture

Widespread Misalignments in Warrior I and II + The best way to Repair Them

Strive These Warrior 2 Variations:

In Circulate and Vinyasa model courses, Warrior 2 Pose is usually used as a transition pose between different postures. You might also discover quite a lot of arm choices provided, resembling Eagle Arms or Cow Face Arms. One of the crucial widespread variations is Reverse Warrior Pose.

For Reverse Warrior Pose:

  • Depart your legs simply as they’re for Warrior 2 Pose
  • Inhale and discover a bit extra size in your backbone
  • Exhale and attain your left arm as much as the sky as you lean again in the direction of your proper leg
  • Maintain your chest open to the lengthy finish of the mat as you lean
  • Your proper hand can hint down your proper thigh, or carry it to a half wrap by inserting your forearm in your decrease again
  • With every continued inhale attempt to lengthen your backbone once more, and with every exhale see in case you can lean a bit extra to the again
  • Even after we strive to not, many instances after we attain again, we lower the bend in our entrance leg, so counter that by bending only a bit extra within the entrance knee


Remaining Data and Suggestions for Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2):

With a lot occurring on this pose, generally yogi’s neglect in regards to the significance of the back and front physique core for assist. Doing so can create a little bit of a lumbar backbone backbend or compression, which can trigger ache.

A couple of mild tweaks will assist to maintain your decrease backbone completely satisfied on this pose.

  • To remove backbending, activate your entrance physique core. Gently carry your hip factors up in the direction of your ribs whereas lengthening your decrease again. You need to finish along with your sacrum in a impartial place, not flaring out behind you
  • Externally rotate your entrance leg, consider lifting the inseam of your pants up in the direction of the ceiling. Internally rotate your again leg barely, assume inseam of your pants down in the direction of the bottom. This inverse movement will assist to remove compression of the lumbar backbone

Together with the nice bodily and psychological advantages provided, there’s additionally a pleasant symbolism that pairs with the pose.

Beginning with Warrior 1 Pose, we stand agency in our floor with our weapons prepared as we acknowledge the battle forward. In Warrior 2 Pose, we transition to a posture that’s much like drawing a bow, and we take motion in battle. In Warrior 3 Pose, we lunge ahead with a last blow to the enemy.

Questioning how yoga and psychological well being relate? Study How Yoga Impacts Your Psychological Well being (In response to a Holistic Psychotherapist)

Though many people won’t ever bodily battle one other on this life, all of us have private battles and challenges that we face day by day. With out effort and preparation to face these struggles, we is perhaps overcome by them.

So, as you develop in energy on the mat, let that remind you that you may additionally develop in energy and construct any expertise essential to battle no matter battles you might be dealing with in your life off the mat.

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Positive Recharge
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