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Sauna Vs. Steam Room: Similarities, Variations + Which Is Finest

The distinction between a sauna and a steam room comes right down to the kind of warmth that they supply, explains Safdar Naueen, MD, an inner drugs physician at EHE Well being. Whereas a sauna is a dry warmth, a steam room produces—because the identify would recommend—a steamy, humid surroundings.

A sauna, with its dry warmth at temperatures of 180 to 200 levels Fahrenheit, is good for relieving sore muscle mass1, growing blood move2, and selling sooner restoration3 after a tricky exercise. Saunas have lengthy been a vital well being instrument in Scandanavian international locations, and their advantages are beginning to go world.

In the meantime, a steam room is barely cooler, nearer to 110 to 120 levels Fahrenheit, with close to 100% humidity, making a heavy, moist feeling as quickly as you stroll in. Steam rooms, much like saunas, additionally assist with muscle soreness and restoration4.

Positive Recharge
Positive Recharge
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