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Ropana Which means, Process Of Therapy, Medicines Used

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Ropana means therapeutic. Shodhana i.e. cleaning and Ropana i.e. therapeutic are carried out concurrently so far as ulcers and wounds are involved. The truth is, we are able to inform that therapeutic happens on the backdrop of cleaning. Shodhana and Ropana are two totally different therapies included within the Sapta Upakramas i.e. seven therapies whereby ropana has been talked about after shodhana within the chronology.

All of the above stated 13 sorts of therapy are primarily cleaning in nature however the identical therapies additionally result in therapeutic. Grasp Sushruta has defined Ropana in between avachurnana (dusting) and dhupana (fumigation) that are types of cleaning therapies. However the grasp has not thought-about it as one of many therapies amongst shashti upakrama i.e. 60 sorts of therapy. Even amongst the 13 forms of cleaning therapies it’s not clear in order to which therapies belong to shodhana and which belong to ropana. Most likely each these therapies are thought-about to be complimentary.
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Chronology of Shodhana, Ropana and Vaikrutapaha

Coming to the chronology, shodhana is completed first after which ropana is completed. The injuries / ulcers would get cleansed after shodhana. These wounds are comprehensively healed by administering ropana therapy.

After the injuries and ulcers have completely healed vaikrutapaha, the seventh therapy measure from amongst sapta upakrama (7th in chronology, after ropana) ought to be carried out to take away deformities and sequels of ulcers and wounds if any, as an element and parcel of beauty rebuilding.
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Why Ropana has not been included individually in shashti upakrama?

Shashti Upakrama consists of 60 therapy rules in surgical college, defined by Grasp Sushruta in Chikitsa Sthana part, chapter 1. They’re magnified variations of Sapta Upakrama i.e. 7 therapies talked about by Sushruta in 17th chapter of Sutra Sthana part. This implies to inform that these 60 therapies are included beneath 7 main therapies. Ropana has been talked about as 6th main therapy within the chronology of seven therapies however has not been included amongst the 60 therapies. The place did ropana miss out?

Grasp Sushruta has in all probability thought-about shodhana and ropana as complementary therapies. So all 13 sorts of shodhana therapies additionally concurrently heal the ulcers and wounds i.e. act as ropana. Clarification of Ropana has been interposed in between the reason of penultimate and last therapy of shodhana therapies. It seems like pushed into the context with default however for Grasp Sushruta the aim and thought of explaining the ropana measures there was very clear. The unsaid perspective is that shodhana therapies will serve the aim of ropana many of the instances. If shodhana therapies don’t cleanse or heal the ulcers and wounds comprehensively then ropana ought to be thought-about for higher and complete therapeutic. Even when the injuries are correctly cleansed by shodhana, ropana ought to be included because the rapid subsequent measure to hasten the therapeutic course of.
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Sanskrit Verses


Sorts of Ropana (therapeutic) therapies and situations for administering

Ropana Kashayas

Therapeutic Decoctions – administered in shuddha vranas i.e. the injuries / ulcers which have already been cleansed. Decoction of Vatadi group of herbs is used for this objective. Therapeutic medicines are administered after cleaning the ulcers for higher therapeutic of ulcers. So ropana is fortification of outcomes of shodhana.

Ropana Varti

Therapeutic suppositories / wicks – i.e. ulcer / wound therapeutic suppositories is used within the ulcers that are devoid of ache, that are cleansed and deep seated. The wicks are ready with therapeutic herbs like Tinospora cordifolia, Withania somnifera and so on.

Ropana Kalka

Therapeutic medicinal pastes – utilized in ulcers devoid of foul smelling muscle tissues and the ulcers not getting healed regardless of being positioned within the muscle tissues. Paste of sesame blended with honey is used for this objective.

The sesame paste being candy, scorching and unctuous destroys vata. Being astringent, candy and bitter it combats pitta. Being scorching, astringent and bitter it destroys kapha. When administered blended with cleaning and therapeutic herbs, this paste of sesame accomplishes the therapeutic actions of cleaning and therapeutic the ulcers / wounds.

Sesame paste administered blended with neem leaves and honey would cleanse the ulcers. The identical sesame paste administered blended with neem leaves, honey and ghee would trigger therapeutic of ulcers / wounds.

Barley Paste act in an analogous approach as that of sesame paste. This pacifies immature ulcers and causes suppuration of partially suppurated ulcers.

Different advantages of Barley paste

Different formulations

Ulcers attributable to vitiated pitta, blood and poisons and from exterior causes and deep rooted ulcers ought to be healed by administration of ghee extracted from the milk ready with therapeutic herbs. The ulcers troubled by vitiated kapha and vata is handled with oils ready utilizing therapeutic herbs.
Rasakriya – semisolid preparation ready utilizing Curcuma longa and Berberis aristata is run / utilized within the ulcers related to under talked about situations for the aim of therapeutic –

  • Ulcers through which bandaging is contraindicated (ulcers fashioned by vitiated pitta, blood, poisons and harm)
  • Ulcers positioned on the joints of the physique
  • Doshas which get contaminated regardless of getting cleansed

Within the ulcers / wounds that are even, surrounded by onerous muscle tissues and positioned within the pores and skin is healed utilizing the natural powder prescribed in Sutra Sthana part (Su.Su.37).

Ropana Churna (Su.Su.37)
The powder of the under talked about known as ropana churna as a result of it’s utilized in therapeutic the ulcers and wounds. The substances embody –

  • Kanguka – Panicum stalicum / Setaria italic (foxtail millet?)
  • Triphala – Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, Emblica officinalis
  • Rodhra – Symplocos racemosa
  • Kasisa – inexperienced vitriol
  • Shravanahvaya – Sphaeranthus indicus
  • Dhava – Anogeissus latifolia
  • Ashvakarna – Shorea robusta

Equally the powder of the under talked about shall be used for therapeutic the ulcers –

  • Priyangu – Callicarpa macrophylla
  • Sarjarasa – Vteria indica
  • Pushpa Kasisa – Inexperienced vitriol
  • Dhava Twak – Bark of Anogeissus latifolia

The shodhana and ropana therapies must be carried out with out giving a lot thought, similar to mantras are used for therapeutic functions.

The medicaments shall be utilized in one or the opposite kinds as per want and utility. These kinds embody decoctions, suppositories / wicks, paste, ghee, oil, semisolids or powder.
For treating the ulcers troubled by vitiated vata, Laghu panchamula and Brhat panchamula group of herbs must be used within the above stated kinds.
Ulcers troubled by vitiated pitta, Nyagrodhadi and Kakolyadi gana group of herbs must be used within the above stated kinds.

Ulcers troubled by vitiated kapha, Aragvadhadi and Surasadi Gana teams of herbs shall be used within the above stated kinds.
Ulcers troubled by blended doshas, the above talked about totally different teams of herbs must be skillfully blended and used within the above stated kinds.
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