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Menopause & Hair Loss: Prevention & Hair Progress Suggestions

This one could be very situational however definitely value noting for now or for future reference. “Any imbalance within the physique can set off diffuse hair loss,” licensed trichologist Penny James as soon as advised mbg, together with present process an operation. 

“Surgical procedure can convey on diffuse hair loss, [which] ought to solely final for 3 months, then appropriate itself,” James explains. Not solely can the stress of surgical procedure set off hair loss, however anesthesia, postoperative drugs, and elevated metabolic wants of vitamins like protein, zinc, and biotin post-surgery can contribute to this, board-certified dermatologist Keira Barr, M.D. beforehand famous

That is notably notable if somebody undergoes a hysterectomy, which is able to set off what’s known as surgically-induced menopause3.

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