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Is Mishri Higher Than Sugar?

As a baby, it’s possible you’ll recall your elders suggesting that you simply hold a couple of crystals of Mishri and a few peppercorns in your mouth if you had a cough.

It was not for the candy style however due to the medicinal qualities of the Mishri and black pepper, which supplied aid. Making an attempt this treatment with refined sugar could be ridiculous! Mishri can vary in color, from a pale yellow to a darkish brown, relying on the pure sap used to extract Mishri.

Mishri is a kind of rock sweet produced from the sap of the Palmyra palm tree, also called “Palm sweet” or “Palmyra Jaggery”. The sap is heated over a low flame to take away impurities after which poured into moulds to chill and solidify. This sweet is tough, translucent, and has a candy flavour that’s distinctive to it. 

Used extensively in India and different components of Southeast Asia, individuals additionally use Mishri in drugs as a result of its purported well being advantages. Additionally it is a well-known pure sweetener.

Mishri has a definite style, is pure, and has a protracted shelf life. Moreover, individuals imagine it’s more healthy than different types of sugar as a result of it comprises minerals and is of course sourced.

Probably the most appreciable confusion lies with the influence of Mishri on blood sugar ranges.

This text explores the connection and finds whether or not it’s protected to make use of Mishri for diabetes.

Kinds of Mishri

There are three sorts of Mishri out there available in the market: 

1. Dhage Wali Mishri: It’s merely Mishri crystallised on a thread (also called Dhage wali Mishri). It’s the genuine, conventional type of Mishri. Ayurveda recommends utilizing the Dhage wali Mishri to reap most advantages.

2. Small Machine-made Crystals of Mishri

3. Massive Crystallised Lumps with out Any Thread

The small machine-made crystals of Mishri and the big crystalised lumps are extra business types of Mishri.

Since these types of Mishri are made utilizing sugar syrup, they share the same dietary profile as white sugar. Furthermore, they’ve the identical glycemic index, making them equally dangerous to individuals with diabetes.

The HealthifyMe Notice

It’s important to bear in mind that real Mishri comes with a thread. Due to this fact, it’s advisable to make use of Mishri with a thread as a substitute of 1 with out. Though Mishri with out thread can also be out there on the market, it’s not the identical as the real one.

The Distinction Between Mishri and Sugar

Mishri and sugar are each sweeteners, however they’re made otherwise and have some notable variations.


Sugar is a candy, white, crystalline substance derived from sugar cane or sugar beet. It’s made by extracting the juice from these vegetation after which heating it to take away the water, abandoning a concentrated syrup.

This syrup is then crystallised to kind granulated sugar. One can use sugar in lots of culinary functions, together with baking, cooking, and sweetening drinks.


Mishri, then again, is a kind of Indian sweetener produced from crystallised sugar. Additionally it is often known as rock sweet or Kala Khane in Hindi.

It’s made by heating sugar till it reaches a excessive temperature, at which level it begins to crystallise. The crystals are then cooled and shaped into small items.

Folks use Mishri as a sweetener in lots of Indian desserts. Ayurvedic drugs additionally makes use of it as a throat soother and a normal tonic.

The Variations

Some important variations between sugar and Mishri are as follows.

  • Processing: Sugar is processed by extracting the juice from the plant after which heating it to take away the water, whereas Mishri is made by heating sugar till it crystallises after which forming it into small items. Total, Mishri is much less processed than white sugar.
  • Look: Sugar is mostly a tremendous, white powder, whereas Mishri is a small, clear or translucent crystal.
  • Culinary use: Sugar is utilized in many culinary functions, whereas individuals primarily use Mishri in Indian sweets, desserts, and Ayurvedic medicinal practices.
  • Dietary Worth: Each have the identical calorific worth and Dietary contents. Nevertheless, Mishri is extra pure and unrefined, as in comparison with sugar.

Another variations are:

  • Mishri is a low-acid meals that’s simple to digest. Alternatively, sugar is acidic and requires extra time to soak up. It’s primarily because of the distinction of their processing.
  • Mishri is cooling in nature, whereas sugar is sizzling.
  • Mishri, in line with Ayurveda, balances the Vata and pitta doshas within the physique, however sugar has no such profit.
  • Sugar has no therapeutic properties, whereas Ayurveda claims that Mishri will be helpful.
  • Mishri consists of hint quantities of sure nutritional vitamins and minerals as a result of it’s not processed, whereas sugar doesn’t.

Can Diabetics Eat Mishri?

Generally known as rock sugar, Mishri is a naturally candy materials obtained from the sugarcane plant. It is freed from chemical substances and the purest type of sugar. If an individual with diabetes consumes a dish containing Mishri, they need to take into account the glycemic index. It is going to present how Mishri can influence their blood sugar ranges. 

In line with one research, the glycemic index worth is a major think about figuring out the influence of meals on blood sugar ranges.

As per the GI values, individuals with diabetes can safely devour meals with a low glycemic index (1 to 55). Moreover, they’ll reasonably devour meals with a medium GI (56 to 69) as part of a balanced meal. Nevertheless, they need to keep away from meals with a excessive GI (70 and above).

The crystallised types of Mishri that come with out a thread are sometimes the identical as sugar. It is because of their manufacturing course of. Since they’re made utilizing sugar syrup, they comprise the identical glycemic index as processed sugar.

Some individuals imagine that the processing makes them much less candy, and therefore, it might make them more healthy. Nevertheless, it’s a fantasy. The one type of real Mishri that may be is the Mishri with a thread or Dhage wali Mishri. It’s barely more healthy than sugar however it’s nonetheless not an ideal choice for diabetic individuals as it might trigger sugar spikes.

Ayurveda, the traditional medicinal system in India, talks extremely about the advantages of Mishri for total well being. Nevertheless, there must be extra analysis to show its impact on blood sugar ranges.

Therefore, it’s protected for individuals with diabetes to seek the advice of their healthcare skilled earlier than utilizing Mishri. Moreover, one should additionally restrict their Mishri consumption, as it’s also a type of sugar.

The HealthifyMe Notice

It’s a frequent misperception that rock sugar (known as Mishri ) is more healthy than desk sugar. The very fact is Mishri is simply one other sort of sugar. So be aware of how a lot you eat. Extreme consumption of Mishri or different refined or unrefined sugar can negatively have an effect on blood sugar ranges. As well as, extra consumption may end up in weight problems, type-2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different well being points.


Regardless of the numerous wondrous advantages of Mishri, consuming an excessive amount of of it might adversely have an effect on your well being. It’s a type of sugar, so it’s important to be aware of how a lot you devour. It’s no secret that extreme added sugar consumption is linked to a heightened danger of sort 2 diabetes, doubtless as a result of its detrimental results on the liver and its potential to trigger weight problems. 

Together with sugar consumption, different elements similar to your consuming habits, physique weight, sleeping patterns, bodily exercise, and genetic make-up can all contribute to the event of diabetes.

That will help you make one of the best meals decisions in your well being, you’ll be able to discuss to a HealthifyMe nutritionist to create an individualised food regimen plan primarily based in your private wants.

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