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Is Brown Sugar Good for Diabetics? Let’s Discover Out

Diabetes is a continual situation affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. Correct regulation of blood sugar ranges is essential to managing this lethal illness.

Whereas most types of sugar are normally off-limits for people with diabetes some like brown sugar, will be consumed sparsely.

Brown sugar is made by mixing white sugar with molasses, giving it a definite flavour and color. Not like white sugar, brown sugar accommodates small quantities of minerals equivalent to calcium, potassium, and iron, which can present some well being advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to notice that brown sugar remains to be a type of sugar. Due to this fact, it needs to be consumed sparsely by people with diabetes.

Brown Sugar and Jaggery

Folks generally use these two interchangeably since each are sorts of unrefined sugar. Nonetheless, they’re comprised of totally different sources and have distinct traits.

Brown sugar is made by mixing white sugar with molasses. It’s usually much less candy than white sugar and has a extra refined flavour. It’s in style as a pure sweetener in baking and cooking.

However, jaggery comes from sugarcane, date or palm bushes, sap or juice. It’s made by boiling the sap or juice till it crystallises and cooling it to solidify.

Consequently, it has a darkish brown color and a definite, earthy flavour that’s totally different from white or brown sugar. It’s generally used as a pure sweetener in India and different components of South Asia and can be utilized in Ayurvedic medication.

The dietary content material of brown sugar and jaggery is analogous, however jaggery accommodates barely extra minerals than brown sugar. Nevertheless, each needs to be consumed sparsely by people with diabetes or different well being circumstances requiring sugar consumption monitoring.

Brown Sugar vs White Sugar

Brown and white sugar are each ready from sugar beets or sugar cane, so they’re nutritionally related. Nevertheless, brown sugar is normally made by including molasses to sophisticated white sugar, giving it a darker color and containing small quantities of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

The principle distinction between white sugar and brown sugar is the presence of molasses. Additionally, this offers brown sugar a singular flavour, color, and moisture that units it aside from common white sugar. Per gram, brown sugar has barely fewer energy and carbohydrates than white sugar.

Brown sugar has calcium, iron, and potassium. Nevertheless, the quantity of those vitamins in a daily serving is insignificant. Due to this fact, from a dietary standpoint, there isn’t any profit to utilizing white sugar over brown sugar and vice versa. 

Each brown and white sugar is made up of sucrose, which may elevate blood sugar ranges.

Healthify PRO Tip

Brown sugar isn’t essentially ‘good’ for diabetes. It’s nonetheless a type of sugar and needs to be consumed reasonably by people with diabetes. Nevertheless, brown sugar does comprise small quantities of minerals equivalent to calcium, potassium, and iron.

Moreover, brown sugar is usually used rather than white sugar in recipes so as to add a richer flavour. Due to this fact, it could actually assist cut back the general quantity of sugar wanted.

Dietary Properties of Brown Sugar

In line with USDA, the dietary profile of 100 grams of Brown Sugar are:

Nutrient Amount
Vitality 380 kcal
Protein 0.12 g
Carbohydrate 98.1 g
Sucrose 94.6 g
Glucose 1.35 g
Fructose 1.11 g
Calcium 83 mg
Potassium 133 mg
Sodium 28 mg
Folate 1 µg

Glycemic Index of Brown Sugar

In line with the Glycemic Index Information, the GI score of Brown Sugar is 70; therefore it’s categorized beneath excessive GI meals. Moreover, brown sugar’s glycemic load (GL) can be 68.6 and thus is a high-GL meals.

The GI worth of meals ranges from 0 to 100. These with a GI of 0-55 are thought of low GI, these with a GI of 56-69 are medium GI, and people with a GI of 70 or larger are excessive GI.

Low GI meals are much less prone to elevate blood sugar ranges, whereas excessive GI meals usually tend to elevate blood sugar ranges. Many components can have an effect on the accuracy of GI scores, such because the meals processing, the diploma of ripeness, and the cooking or preparation methodology.

Advantages of Brown Sugar for Diabetes

Sustaining wholesome blood sugar ranges is essential for individuals with diabetes. Limiting your consumption of carbohydrates and meals excessive in sugar can assist management blood sugar ranges and minimise the long-term danger of diabetes issues.

There is no such thing as a scientific proof to recommend that brown sugar is helpful for diabetes. Brown sugar remains to be a type of added sugar, and it could actually elevate blood sugar ranges.

Due to this fact, specializing in a eating regimen wealthy in nutrient-dense complete meals, equivalent to fruits, greens, complete grains, and lean proteins, is essential, fairly than counting on any particular meals or ingredient for well being advantages.

Restricted Advantages of Brown Sugar

Vitality Booster

Brown sugar is an easy carbohydrate that breaks down into glucose. Due to this fact, brown sugar will be added to meals if you want a fast power enhance.

Relieves Menstrual Cramps 

Some cultures use brown sugar as a house treatment to alleviate menstrual cramps. Including crushed ginger to boiling water with a teaspoon of brown sugar and tea leaves eases the ache.


Brown sugar is a superb bodily exfoliant if you’d like easy pores and skin. It removes dust and minor imperfections on the pores and skin.

Opposed Results of Brown Sugar

Irregular Heartbeat

Candy meals improve your coronary heart fee and make you stressed. In case your blood sugar will get mildly elevated, signs equivalent to coronary heart palpitations, elevated thirst, and fatigue will be extreme. Brown sugar could cause cardiac arrhythmias.

Raises Blood Sugar Ranges

Brown sugar is low in energy. However, it could actually have an effect on blood sugar ranges like white sugar. So, it’s dangerous to an individual with diabetes as effectively. 


A foul eating regimen, equivalent to extreme sugar consumption, causes irritation within the muscular tissues and joints of the physique. Additionally, extreme sugar consumption stimulates the liver’s manufacturing of free fatty acids. When the physique digests these fatty acids, it causes irritation.

Weakening Bone

Brown sugar will increase the possibility of osteoporosis and impairs bone formation by inhibiting osteoblast proliferation.

How can brown sugar hold diabetics out of hassle?

Brown sugar accommodates hint quantities of calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Nonetheless, these minerals don’t remove the chance of diseases and illnesses brought on by brown sugar. Due to this fact, common consumption of brown sugar isn’t appropriate for individuals with diabetes. 

You may restrict your consumption to 1-2 teaspoons every day. Nevertheless, individuals with kind 2 diabetes should handle their blood sugar ranges healthily. If potential, individuals with kind 2 diabetes ought to persist with stevia. This pure sugar doesn’t spike blood sugar or hurt the physique.

Learn extra: Kind 2 Diabetes Weight loss program – A Complete Information

The HealthifyMe Observe

A balanced eating regimen is essential to diabetes vitamin. The one time you might want to eat sugar is throughout hypoglycemic episodes, when your physique must eat energy to boost blood sugar ranges.

Good Alternate options to Added Sugar

Folks recognized with diabetes should discover ways to handle glucose within the physique successfully. Additionally,  researchers recommend that to keep away from the long-term dangers and issues of diabetes, it’s important to not eat sugar in any kind.

If you’re craving sugar or one thing candy, it’s best to get the pure sugars present in fruits. Since they don’t seem to be artificially manufactured or processed fruit sugar don’t trigger spikes and should not dangerous. Pure sugars are simply digestible and absorbed slowly by the physique, leading to a low GI worth. 


Folks with diabetes ought to keep away from brown sugar as a result of it’s nonetheless a type of added sugar and accommodates a excessive quantity of carbohydrates.

Consuming too many carbohydrates could cause blood sugar ranges to spike. Due to this fact, it could actually hurt individuals with diabetes who should monitor their blood sugar intently. Moreover, brown sugar accommodates molasses, which can improve the chance of particular well being issues for individuals with diabetes.

Extra sugar additionally impacts insulin sensitivity. When insulin is broken, it reduces its skill to move sugar effectively from the blood to the cells. Due to this fact, individuals with diabetes ought to pay explicit consideration to their sugar consumption.

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