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How Ayurvedic Herbs and Food regimen Can Assist Handle Epilepsy | Worldwide Epilepsy Day

"Ayurveda and Diet to Manage Epilepsy"

Epilepsy is a dysfunction of the central nervous system that causes neurological imbalance. The affected person could lose consciousness because of extreme electrical discharge from cerebral neurons. The situation is characterised by irregular mind exercise that causes seizures or spans of surprising behaviour, lack of consciousness, and sensations. Epilepsy assaults could have an effect on the victims from just a few seconds to a couple minutes. Anybody can endure from this situation, and it may have an effect on each females and males of all age teams. Yearly, Worldwide Epilepsy Day is widely known on the twond Monday of February to lift consciousness about epilepsy, its remedy, and what’s required to supply remedy to all people who want it. This yr, Worldwide Epilepsy Day is widely known on 13th February 2023 emphasizing the theme of “stigma” to lift consciousness about epilepsy and to dispel varied myths and misconceptions associated to it. It focuses on minimizing the stigma and discrimination that folks expertise whereas dwelling with epilepsy and ensuring that they get entry to the identical proper and alternatives as the remainder of the folks. Whereas consulting healthcare specialists for managing epilepsy, Ayurveda can even assist handle the situation successfully and naturally.

Ayurvedic remedy for epilepsy shouldn’t be solely pure and efficient but in addition secure and inexpensive. Ayurvedic administration for epilepsy strengthens the mind and restores the sleek functioning of the nervous system. Ayurvedic specialists prescribe nourishing, efficient herbs providing a tonic impression together with the suitable way of life and dietary modifications.

In Ayurveda, epilepsy known as apasmara. The epilepsy episodes or convulsions are referred to as akshepaka. This persistent well being situation usually requires long-term administration that wants food regimen modifications, natural medicine, Ayurvedic remedy, and way of life measures. Epilepsy administration with Ayurveda focuses on:

  • Panchakarma (which is Ayurvedic detox)
  • Ashwasana (which is psychological assurance/ help)
  • Particular natural formulations to strengthen the thoughts and physique
  • Rasayan (which is rejuvenation remedy)


Panchakarma for Epilepsy:

Ayurvedic detox (i.e. panchakarma) features to unclog the channels of the physique and thoughts which are clogged as a consequence of imbalanced doshas. It contains therapeutic oil therapeutic massage, therapeutic enemas, therapeutic purgation, nervous system remedy, and nasal medicine.

5 Greatest Herbs for Epilepsy:

Ayurvedic herbs strengthen the techniques in our our bodies. The Ayurvedic specialists first diagnose your situation precisely earlier than growing a remedy plan. Dried extracts and natural teas are a number of the methods Ayurvedic herbs can be utilized to handle a situation. A number of herbs are efficient in managing seizures with their sedative impact for epilepsy victims. They might work together with different herbs, prescribed medicines, and dietary supplements. So, it’s essential to go for these herbs solely underneath the supervision of a licensed physician and Ayurvedic professional. Don’t try and have these herbs by yourself. A licensed well being professional will suggest efficient but secure herbs and monitor their results. Among the herbs which have been historically used to deal with seizures in epilepsy sufferers embrace:

  1. Brahmi

One of many well-known and efficient Ayurvedic herbs for epilepsy is Brahmi. Your entire Brahmi plant is utilized to handle nervous system issues and circulatory issues. One could take it by mixing it with ghrita or oil or within the type of decoction. Brahmi, when taken as an oral formulation, may cause shamana (pacification) and potentiates the motion of shodhana (purification) remedy. This Ayurvedic herb is efficient in bettering reminiscence. Brahmi gives a superb enjoyable impact to epilepsy sufferers by decreasing the severity, frequency, and length of the assault. Consuming a teaspoon of honey with Brahmi juice may also help alleviate epilepsy signs.

  1. Shankhapushpi

One of many distinguished Ayurvedic nervine herbs to handle epilepsy is Shankhapushpi which helps soothe the nerves. Your entire plant of this herb is useful for therapeutic results, often within the type of powder, juice, paste, and decoction. This Ayurvedic herb gives constructive results, equivalent to calmness, promotes sound sleep, and peace, and relieves stress and anxiousness, by restoring the stability of tridoshas. This herb relieves a lot of the discomforting signs of epilepsy, equivalent to madness, reminiscence loss, and nervousness.

  1. Vacha

That is one other efficient herb in assuaging the signs of epilepsy. It’s identified for its rejuvenating impact on the nervous system. The rhizomes of Vacha are utilized in treating varied nervous system issues. Vacha powder could be both used as a churna through the oral route or used as an oil through nasya karma. Additionally, it’s a constituent of a number of Ayurvedic formulations. This herb is a reminiscence enhancer, improves blood circulation within the mind, and acts as a mind rejuvenator. You have to stability it with different pungent herbs, equivalent to ginger, or else it could enhance congestion. Consulting a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner will allow you to use this herb for managing epilepsy correctly.

  1. Shatavari

The roots of this medicinal plant are utilized within the remedy of epilepsy sufferers both as a decoction in oil or granules. This herb pacifies vata, pitta, and kapha doshas. It additionally manages the convulsive motion that’s prominently dominated by vata dosha. If you find yourself prescribed to take granules of this herb, you could take it with milk. The decoction of this herb in oil is utilized in nasya karma for treating epilepsy sufferers. Shatavari helps get rid of tamas, which block the thoughts.

  1. Asparagus

One other efficient Ayurvedic herb is the basis of asparagus. The wild root of this herb when taken in powdered type with milk makes it an efficient resolution for managing epilepsy illness.

Food regimen and Way of life Suggestions as per Ayurveda that Epilepsy Sufferers Ought to Observe:


  • Just be sure you get enough sleep.
  • Eat meals plentiful in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It’s possible you’ll eat wheat and previous shali rice.
  • Follow enjoyable methods, equivalent to meditation, pranayama, and yoga that provide constructive results in your nervous system, and mind chemistry and assist therapeutic.
  • Eat inexperienced gram, milk, black gram, and ghrita.
  • Have a tsp of the previous pure desi ghee for not less than six months to handle epilepsy.


  • Keep away from or scale back stress and anxiousness.
  • Don’t eat vata-increasing meals, equivalent to kalaya, chillies, and potatoes.
  • Keep away from the consumption of alcohol.
  • Don’t eat stale meals.
  • Keep away from consuming incompatible meals, equivalent to milk and fish, in a meal.
  • Don’t suppress any pure urge, equivalent to bladder or bowel actions.
  • Keep away from dangerous actions, equivalent to standing on a cliff or going deep into the water.
  • Say no to crimson meat.

So, let’s unfold the phrase this Worldwide Epilepsy Day to assist and encourage epilepsy victims to steer a greater life and expertise reduction from the signs naturally. Consulting well being specialists, equivalent to Ayurvedic specialists, at Well being Whole may also help you obtain the appropriate natural options, homeopathic medicines, and dietary, and way of life modifications tailor-made to your particular wants. Our built-in remedy plan comprising food regimen, Ayurveda, and homeopathy not solely helps you expertise reduction out of your epilepsy signs but in addition boosts your immunity, manages your weight, eliminates dietary deficiencies, and improves your general well being. So, suppose no additional, get in contact with us at Well being Whole, and take a step ahead to enhance your reduction and high quality of life naturally with our customized remedy plan.

Join a FREE session with Well being Whole specialists to get extra recommendations on bettering your reduction from epilepsy and general well being with food regimen, Ayurveda, and homeopathy or for managing some other well being situation. Name toll-free at  1-800-843-0206 and ebook an appointment!



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