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Hips Do not Lie (7 Yoga Poses)

Able to launch the strain you will have been holding in your hips? Don’t have a lot time to do it? Attempt these 7 poses this morning, or at any time when you’re feeling tight or sore on this space.

They may also assist to focus on the decrease again, quads and hamstrings.

No props and acceptable for all expertise ranges.

1. Quad Stretch – Decrease down onto the stomach, with legs prolonged again. Deliver the left forearm in entrance of you, and relaxation the brow down. Bend the best knee and attain the best hand again to seize the ankle. Pulling heel in direction of the glute. Press the pubic bone into the ground whereas lengthening tailbone to heels. Preserve the best knee and ankle hip in line, not opening out. Maintain for five deep breaths or so, earlier than releasing and repeating on the opposite aspect.

2. Baby’s Pose – Deliver the large toes collectively and the knees extensive as you press up and again, hips to heels. Stretch the arms ahead and decrease the pinnacle down. Soften down right here for five deep breaths.

3. Hip Circles – Come as much as desk high, arms underneath shoulders and knees underneath hips. Kick the best heel as much as the sky. Hint large circle with the best knee.

4. Lizard Pose – Step the best foot to the highest of the mat, outdoors of the arms. Let the hips sink and soften down. Open by way of the chest.

5. Pigeon Pose – Deliver the best knee down behind the best wrist. Prolong the left leg again behind. Degree out the pelvis. Keep up on the fingertips, pushing arms into the mat and raise by way of the center for a mild again bend.

6. Field Leg Ahead Fold – Roll onto the best hip and convey the left leg ahead. Stacking the left shin in entrance of the best one. Stroll the arms out and fold ahead. Perhaps staying up on the forearms.

Repeat 3 by way of 6 on the opposite aspect.

7. Windshield Wipers – Deliver the toes out in entrance of you mat width aside, heels down. Drop the knees gently from aspect to extensive a number of occasions.

These poses come from a ten minute morning apply I shared. Test it out beneath.


Positive Recharge
Positive Recharge
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