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Dwelling Yoga off Your Mat With the 5 Niyamas

You realize that feeling of lightness, peace, and contentment you’re feeling after a yoga class? Urgent up out of savasana, right into a seated posture, you’ve got a renewed sense of pleasure. You bow ahead in namaste, thank your trainer, and roll up your mat- all with a glimmer of inspiration in your eyes.

Have you ever ever wished you possibly can take that feeling with you on a regular basis, not simply in your yoga mat?

If you wish to begin residing your yoga observe in your each day life, the 5 niyamas supply thorough and sensible steerage on how to take action.

‘What are the niyamas,’ you ask?

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Sri Patanjali is named the “father of yoga.” He compiled the yoga sutras someday between 5,000 BC to 300 AD. He was the primary to systematize, compile, and report the concepts and practices of yoga. His Sutras are the muse for all sorts of yoga and meditation.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a transparent, easy, and sensible handbook for Raja Yoga and yoga philosophy. It’s just like the Bible of Yoga. Patanjali presents all the science of yoga and explains the way to attain samadhi, the last word state of liberation and enlightenment.

Historically, there are eight limbs of Raja Yoga. They embody:

  1. Yamas- social ethics, the way to stay your life in concord with others
  2. Niyamas- private virtues, the way to stay your inner life, self-discipline
  3. Asana- bodily observe, regular and comfy posture for meditation
  4. Pranayama- regulation of the breath, actually “life drive vitality”
  5. Pratyahara- withdrawal of the senses
  6. Dharana- focus of the thoughts
  7. Dhyana- meditation
  8. Samadhi- transcendent superconsciousness, liberation, realization

The rest of this text will deal with the 5 niyamas:

  • Saucha- cleanliness
  • Santosha- contentment
  • Tapas- self-discipline
  • Svadhyaya- self-study
  • Ishvara Pranidhana- dedication to the divine

The 5 Niyamas

Patanjali’s niyamas are the a part of yoga philosophy that seek advice from a yogi’s dedication to particular person self-discipline. They describe the best way you, as a yogi, ought to stay your inner and particular person life. If you wish to take your yoga observe past the mat and stay a yogic life-style, the niyamas supply steerage and readability on how to take action.


The primary of the niyamas, saucha, refers to purity and cleanliness. The non secular, bodily, emotional, and psychological state of a yogi is striving to be clear all the time. You’re what you entice and also you entice what you’re. If in case you have many unfavourable ideas, then almost certainly your emotions and conduct may even be unfavourable. If you happen to watch trashy TV, you can find that drama seeping into your individual life.

Purity of life begins along with your ideas and actions.

Some tangible methods you’ll be able to stay the primary niyama in your everyday life embody:


Be impeccable along with your phrase. That is additionally one of many agreements laid out by Don Miguel Ruiz in his sensible and easy information to residing extra deliberately, The 4 Agreements. You phrase is your strongest instrument, and to make use of it lazily or negatively is to ask negativity into your life. Use your phrase in a manner that’s truthful and useful. Use your voice to advocate for your self and others.

decluttering residing house

If your property is messy and cluttered, your life will really feel that manner too. Your fast setting impacts your temper considerably! It’s a surprise what making your mattress each morning can do in your mindset. You’ll want to clear up your dinner dishes earlier than going to mattress, and clear off your workspace earlier than going to sleep as nicely. Beginning your time off with a clear and tidy home will will let you prioritize what’s necessary. Think about decluttering your closets and residing areas. Keep in mind, what you personal, owns you.

utilizing merchandise with pure components

It is a easy advice! There are a lot of toxins and chemical compounds in hygienic merchandise at present. Go for merchandise that solely use pure components. Your pores and skin is your largest organ. You wouldn’t cowl any of your different organs with dangerous chemical compounds! I extremely advocate the California-based model, Natura Culina.

clear consuming

One other easy advice, fill your physique with solely clear and complete meals. If you happen to can keep away from animal merchandise it’s best to do this. On the very least, keep away from mass-produced meat. These animals endure lots of stress and struggling, not solely is that this immoral, however you additionally devour this stress and struggling whenever you devour the meat that comes from them. To not point out the antibiotics they’re pumped stuffed with! Your physique is the house of your soul and the divineness inside you, throughout your time right here on earth. Deal with it as such.


The standard of your relationships displays the standard of your life. Encompass your self with others who attempt to stay a clear and pure life-style. Keep away from people who find themselves connected to drama, they may search to carry it into your life as nicely.


Meditation itself is likely one of the eight limbs on the trail to yoga, dhyana. It is usually the easiest way to keep up a clear and pure thoughts. Turning into conscious of your ideas is step one to clearing the thoughts. Meditation lets you pull your consciousness inward and discover ways to focus and calm the thoughts.


The second niyama, santosha, is all about valuing contentment. Let or not it’s. Let go of management. Training contentment means releasing attachment and want. It means being content material with what you’ve got and with the current second.

domesticate a optimistic mindset

You need to use optimistic affirmations to keep up a optimistic mindset even by stress and setbacks. All feelings have worth and are legitimate to really feel. However santosha teaches us to foster a way of contentment even within the face of anger or grief.


Training gratitude is a strong observe to introduce extra santosha in your life. Many yogis take pleasure in conserving a gratitude journal during which they write three issues they’re grateful for every single day. Training gratitude may seem like going out of your strategy to thank the folks in your life who help you. Displaying kindness to strangers, and defending the earth are additionally methods to specific gratitude within the title of the divine oneness all of us share.

right here and now

In case you are consistently reliving the previous, or pondering forward to the longer term, then you aren’t practising contentment. Being content material means being current within the right here and now. You can’t be content material in case you are not current, in case you are letting a time that doesn’t exist (the previous or future) dictate your life.

conserving your middle

Staying aligned to your self, your priorities, and your values makes it simpler to proceed practising contentment. If you happen to lose your middle, it’s straightforward to get swept up in wishes and attachment, the previous or the longer term. Maintain your middle by participating in different yogic practices like meditation, journaling, asana, and pranayama.


A quick-paced life-style usually results in pointless complexity and noise. Slowing down the tempo of your day-to-day residing invitations extra stillness, silence, and simplicity- that are all great compliments to contentment.


Actually translating to “warmth,” the third of the niyamas refers to residing a disciplined life. Yogis observe a excessive diploma of self-discipline. They willfully expose themselves to struggling, as a way to overcome it and obtain a way of pleasure. To include the third niyama in your life, strive:

transferring the physique

This advice can actually flip up the warmth! Transferring the physique in a manner that maintains well being is a crucial self-discipline for any yogi. The asana observe is supposed to arrange you to interact in seated meditation for prolonged durations of time.


Many yogis take pleasure in waking up very early to meditate and have interaction in different practices- earlier than the noise of the loopy world takes over. It takes lots of self-discipline to get your self off the bed earlier than the solar rises. However sustaining a each day morning routine is a tangible strategy to observe tapas.

manifesting with intentional motion

You can not want your dream actuality into existence. It takes self-discipline. Manifest all you need, however with out intentional motion connected to that manifestation, nothing will change. If in case you have targets, goals, and priorities, take disciplined steps towards assembly these targets.


Yoga each invitations and requires deep introspection. Trying inward, self-study, or self-reflection- that is the which means of the fourth of the niyamas, svadhyaya. Partaking in svadhyaya in your each day life can take quite a few completely different interrelated types.

Perceive you’re solely your consciousness

First let’s perceive what you’re not. You aren’t your feelings, emotions, or ideas. You’re solely your consciousness. The extra you place your consciousness in your emotions and ideas, the extra energy they’ve over you. There are total books on this one level, and lots of of them. One in all my favorites is The Untethered Soul. When you perceive you’re solely your awareness- you’re fully free to unite along with your most genuine and true self.

Chanting of mantras

Chanting mantras and affirmations will help you go deeper into your actual self. They assist you to align with the divine inside you, that you just share with nature and all different sentient beings.

Learning sacred texts

Sacred texts- such because the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, and the Qur’an, supply age-old insights into humanity and the human expertise. These texts are necessary instruments for self-reflection. They’ll give you perspective on the way you match into this world, what you wish to give and obtain throughout your time right here on earth.


Journaling is an exquisite observe of self-study. Placing pen to paper typically helps make clear swirling or fuzzy ideas. Journaling lets you get to know your self extra, your patterns, what makes you tick, what your priorities are, and a lot extra.

Observing and noticing

Decelerate and take time to watch and see your environment. Be aware of the way you match into them and work together with them. Your setting has a big influence on the way you assume, really feel, and act. Generally, turning inward means tuning into your fast exterior world.

Ishvara Pranidhana

Our last of the 5 niyamas is ishvara pranidhana. This niyama urges seekers to dedicate their life to humanity, and give up to the divine and the upper self.

give up to the stream

Belief that the universe has a plan for you, that is essential to your non secular improvement. By letting go of attachment to outcomes and management, you’ll be able to work with the stream of the universe to reach at a vacation spot far better than what you’ve got dreamed of. Surrendering to the stream means working with all the different niyamas and sutras to place your self mentally, spiritually, and bodily in a spot the place you’re able to work with the universe and accepts its many blessings.

Bhakti yoga

One of many 4 paths of yoga, Bhakti yoga is all a few devoted non secular observe. Music and chanting are vital on this observe. Dancing and flowing alongside to those divine sounds aligns your coronary heart and soul with a spot of bliss and give up.

serve others altruistically

Lastly, residing a yogic life-style means being in union with others and with all of creation. We serve others altruistically as a result of we’re all a part of one earth, one life, and one breath. There is no such thing as a purpose to not help and love each other. Devoting your self to be of deep service to others is likely one of the highest and most divine paths you’ll be able to take.


What’s the distinction between the yamas and niyamas?

Yamas seek advice from our conduct and pondering in the direction of others and the world. Niyamas seek advice from our conduct and pondering in the direction of ourselves.

What are the 5 yamas?

Ahimsa- non-violence
Satya- truthfulness
Asteya- non-stealing
Brahmacharya- moderation of the senses
Aparigraha- non-attachment

Positive Recharge
Positive Recharge
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