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Cleansing, Restore, & Storage Ideas — CleverHiker

ROLLING VS. STUFFING – The jury continues to be out on which technique of packing up tents is finest for longevity. Folding your tent into thirds and rolling it with the poles within the middle protects the poles and may be gentler on the tent cloth than cramming it into the bag. As you begin to roll, use your hand to comb away grime, sand, pine needles or any particles, as you proceed to roll.

Fastidiously stuffing your tent right into a stuff sack is an alternative choice. It’s fast and simple to do that on the path (particularly when a tent is moist) and doesn’t put stress on the identical spots over and over like folding and rolling does. Switching backwards and forwards between these two strategies – stuffing on the path and rolling for storage after cleansing/drying – is an efficient completely satisfied medium.

Positive Recharge
Positive Recharge
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