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Chakra Colours: The 7 Chakra Colours and their Which means

Even in the event you don’t know a lot about chakras, you solely should see a couple of chakra wall posters to know that the paranormal power system may be very colourful. The seven main chakras run from the bottom of the backbone to the crown of the pinnacle, every taking part in a pivotal function in our bodily, psychological, and religious well-being.

Curiously, all seven power facilities have an related colour that corresponds to the rainbow colours. However are these colour representations only for present, or do they carry a deeper that means? Learn on to search out out what’s behind the chakra colours.

Chakra Colours At A Look

Earlier than we dive into the historical past of the chakra system, here’s a fast overview of the seven chakra colours in corresponding order.

Why Do Chakras Have Colours?

Each chakra carries a novel frequency, wavelength, and density. As well as, every of the seven chakras is related to a selected colour that matches its vibration. For instance, the basis chakra’s colour pink has the longest waves as this power heart has the bottom frequency. Conversely, violet, related to the crown chakra, has the shortest wavelengths and the very best frequency.

The place Did Chakra Colours Come From?

Chakras had been first talked about in historic Hindu and yogic texts such because the Vedas and the Upanishads. It’s believed that the chakra system dates again to someday between 1500 and 500 BC. Nevertheless, the traditional scriptures by no means talked about chakra colours, nor did they present them within the illustrations. The previous chakra illustrations present their related divinities, mantras, and shapes, however not colours. 

It wasn’t till the Seventies that chakras bought assigned colours. Within the guide “Nuclear Evolution: Discovery of the Rainbow Physique,” religious creator Christopher Hill acknowledged that the chakras are related to the rainbow colours. It’s because the colours of the rainbow mixed include all the colours within the seen spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Nevertheless, simply because the chakras usually are not historically linked to colours doesn’t imply there isn’t a reasoning behind this affiliation. Chakras and colours are each vibrating power, but you possibly can solely see the physicality of a colour. Subsequently, chakra colours act as a visual illustration of the unseen power facilities of the human physique.

Why Are Chakra Colours Essential?

Chakras not solely share their frequency with their related colour, however they possess the identical qualities too. Subsequently, understanding colour psychology will allow you to study extra a couple of specific chakra. What’s extra, in keeping with colour remedy, working with the related colour may also help you to heal the corresponding chakra. 

For instance, carrying pink or exposing your self to a pink mild enhances your power, which is a top quality of a balanced root chakra. In case your root chakra is unbalanced or blocked, you’ll doubtless really feel sluggish and drained bodily and mentally, thus struggling to finish primary duties. However, if the basis chakra is open, you’ll expertise vitality.

As well as, the colour inexperienced is thought to be therapeutic, which is a top quality of the center chakra. For instance, somebody with a blocked coronary heart chakra struggles to heal from emotional ache, however as soon as the center chakra is open, therapeutic can happen. Subsequently, colour remedy suggests you encompass your self with the colour inexperienced if you wish to heal a damaged coronary heart. 

Fashionable-day religious practitioners within the western world use a chakra’s colours in varied methods, equivalent to consuming meals of that exact shade, carrying crystals that match the hue, or visualizing the colour throughout meditation. 

The sections beneath will focus on how you should utilize a chakra’s colour for chakra therapeutic and aligning.

Root Chakra Coloration

The basis chakra, generally known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, is the primary chakra and is situated on the base of the backbone. It carries an earthy, grounding power and is answerable for our emotions of security, stability, and safety, whether or not in our feelings, bodily physique, or the world.

The pink colour of the basis chakra is the densest hue within the chakra colour system, with the longest wavelength and lowest frequency of 396 Hz. The Muladhara is the closest chakra to the bodily realm energetically.

Purple Coloration Which means

The colour pink has varied associations, together with power and motion. In case your first chakra is blocked and you’re feeling unsafe, you’ll wrestle to tug up the driving drive to make issues occur, even probably the most primary duties. Subsequently, an unbalanced root chakra impacts all areas of your life. 

The destructive qualities of the colour pink embrace hazard and conflict, that are widespread ways in which the basis chakra turns into blocked. In consequence, pink is commonly utilized in security posters and different imagery to symbolize warning or present that one thing is improper. Because the situation of the primary chakra impacts the remainder of the chakra system, an imbalance right here is a large alert or “pink flag.”

How To Use The Root Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

If you happen to really feel unsafe in your environment, insecure in your physique, or unstable in your life’s journey, strive nourishing the basis chakra with pink power. You’ll be able to incorporate extra pink into your life by:

  • Eat pink meals like watermelons, pink apples, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, and pomegranates.
  • Put on red-colored crystals or stones in your physique or maintain them within the house. Hearth agate, pink jasper, and tiger’s eye are three well-liked root chakra stones.
  • Put on red-colored garments and equipment. 
  • Visualize a pink ball of power within the base of the backbone.

Sacral Chakra Coloration

Vector second Svadhishthana sacral chakra with hinduism sanskrit seed mantra Vam and syllables on lotus petals. Define contour white monochrome image with remoted coloured orange background for meditation yoga and power religious practices..

The sacral chakra, recognized in Sanskrit as Svadhisthana, is the second chakra situated within the decrease stomach beneath the stomach button. It’s linked with the water component and our feelings and has flow-like power. It governs our emotional responses and regulation, ardour, pleasure, creativity, sexuality, and connection to the senses. 

The orange colour has a low frequency of 417 Hz as, like all of the decrease chakras, it’s extra linked to the bodily realm than the religious. 

Orange Coloration Which means

Orange is effectively generally known as a cheerful colour that may enhance your temper. Nevertheless, the orange shade additionally has many different associations that correlate to the sacral chakra, equivalent to ardour, enthusiasm, creativity, enjoyment, steadiness, sexuality, freedom, and expression. When the sacral chakra is balanced, you’ll expertise these qualities. 

How To Use The Sacral Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

As the colour orange enhances creativity and promotes expression, bringing extra orange power to your life will concurrently activate the second chakra. You are able to do this by:

  • Eat orange meals like carrots, pumpkins, oranges, and apricots.
  • Put on orange crystals or stones in your physique, equivalent to citrine, orange calcite, and amber. Alternatively, you possibly can maintain the crystals in your house or carry them in your bag.
  • Put on orange garments and equipment. 
  • Visualize an orange ball of power within the decrease stomach, near the male or feminine reproductive organs. 

Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra Coloration

The photo voltaic plexus chakra (Manipura in Sanskrit) is the third chakra situated within the higher stomach slightly below the ribcage. This power heart governs our private energy and interior fireplace, with qualities like braveness, confidence, self-belief, resilience, and dedication. It’s linked to the hearth component and possesses heating power that evokes motion.

The colour yellow has a frequency of 528 Hz. As that is the final of the decrease chakras, the frequency is slighter increased, and the vibration turns into lighter. 

Yellow Coloration Which means

Yellow is strongly related to hope and positivity, that are qualities many individuals with Manipura chakra blockages lack. If the photo voltaic plexus is open, you’ll have a excessive degree of self-belief and take a look at and deal with conditions with optimism reasonably than pessimism. 

As well as, it’s an energizing colour that stimulates our nerves, glands, and mind, making us extra alert and giving us the push we have to take motion in direction of our targets and goals. Nevertheless, from a destructive perspective, yellow can hyperlink to cowardice. If the photo voltaic plexus chakra is depleted, you’ll doubtless really feel fearful about taking the subsequent step or going after your needs. 

How To Use The Photo voltaic Plexus Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

Bringing extra yellow into your life can provide the positivity and power you require to maneuver ahead and strengthen the highly effective photo voltaic plexus chakra. A couple of methods to do that are:

  • Eat yellow meals like bananas, mangoes, peppers, pineapples, and lemons.
  • Place yellow crystals or stones like ​​yellow aventurine, yellow jasper, or yellow calcite within the house or put on them as jewellery. 
  • Put on yellow garments and equipment. 
  • Visualize a yellow ball of power (or a yellow fireplace) within the higher stomach roughly one inch above the stomach button.

Coronary heart Chakra Coloration

The guts chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, is the fourth power heart situated on the heart of the chest. It governs our capability to like and be liked and different optimistic qualities equivalent to compassion, understanding, empathy, and gratitude. It’s related to the air component and promotes therapeutic and forgiveness. 

The guts chakra inexperienced colour has a frequency of 639 Hz. This chakra is the bridge between the decrease and higher chakras; thus, it has probably the most balanced power between the bodily and religious realms.

Inexperienced Coloration Which means

Inexperienced is related to development, renewal, and therapeutic. These with closed coronary heart chakras usually have to heal previous emotional hurts to comply with open this heart. Like all colours, inexperienced has some destructive traits that correlate with the fourth chakra, equivalent to envy and judgment. Additionally it is linked with concord, which you’ll expertise after releasing a blockage within the coronary heart chakra.

How To Use The Coronary heart Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

If you happen to really feel that your Anahata chakra is closed off and are struggling to heal previous hurts, strive infusing your life with extra therapeutic inexperienced power by:

  • Eat inexperienced vegatables and fruits like apples, pears, grapes, broccoli, avocado, kale, and spinach.
  • Put on a inexperienced stone as a pendant round your neck. Amazonite, aventurine, and inexperienced jade all have therapeutic properties.
  • Put on inexperienced garments and equipment, notably those who contact the center heart, equivalent to tops and scarves. 
  • Visualize a inexperienced ball of power within the heart of the chest and picture it expands to fill the whole higher physique. 

Throat Chakra Coloration

The throat chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit, is the fifth power heart of the chakra system, situated within the heart of the throat. It’s answerable for our capability to speak with others authentically and take heed to contrasting opinions. The throat chakra’s blue colour has a excessive frequency of 741 Hz as it’s the first of the three higher chakras. 

Blue Coloration Which means

Gentle blue is a relaxing and soothing colour related to belief and loyalty. This pertains to the fifth chakra as when you’ve got a blocked throat chakra, you’ll lack religion in your self and your opinions and sure inform others what they need to hear reasonably than what you genuinely need to say. Likewise, somebody with an open fifth chakra will keep loyal to themselves by at all times talking their reality.

The destructive traits are stubbornness and self-centeredness, ensuing from an overactive Vishuddha chakra. One other destructive affiliation is timidness, which immediately pertains to a blocked fifth chakra.

How To Use The Throat Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

Bringing extra shades of blue into your life can enhance your communication abilities and allow you to construct the boldness to talk your reality. Some methods to enhance self-expression are:

  • Eat blueberries and drink butterfly pea tea.
  • Preserve mild blue stones like Kyanite and Blue Lace Agate near you throughout troublesome conversations and public talking.
  • Put on mild blue scarfs.
  • Visualize a lightweight blue ball of power within the throat and picture it breaking apart any fears or insecurities round self-expression.

Third Eye Chakra Coloration

The third eye chakra (Ajna chakra) is the sixth chakra, sitting between the eyebrows. It’s known as the third eye as it’s the heart of our instinct and religious imaginative and prescient. The sixth chakra has inventive, reflective power linked to knowledge and perspective. The extra open the third eye chakra is, the extra in contact along with your interior steerage you’ll be.

The colour indigo (darkish blue) has a barely increased frequency of 852 Hz and shorter wavelengths than the sunshine blue throat chakra colour. It’s because it’s extra linked to the religious realm than all of the chakras beneath.

Indigo Coloration Which means

The indigo colour is immediately associated to instinct and knowledge, the qualities of the third eye chakra. Additionally it is related to mystical powers and better ranges of notion. Detrimental traits embrace simply being triggered or irritated, which is how many individuals with overactive Ajna chakras really feel.

How To Use The Third Eye Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

Working with indigo’s power may assist deepen your connection along with your religious facet, faucet into your instinct, and strengthen your creativeness. You’ll be able to deliver extra indigo power into your life by:

  • Eat darkish blue and purple meals like blueberries, eggplants, and purple cabbage.
  • Put darkish blue stones like Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli in your bedside desk near your head whereas sleeping.
  • Put on indigo-colored garments and equipment, particularly headbands.
  • Visualize indigo power between the eyebrows that dissolves psychological stress to deliver readability and understanding.

Crown Chakra Coloration

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit, is the seventh and final power heart situated simply above the highest of the pinnacle. It’s the heart of religious connection and self-mastery, and historic yogis believed opening this chakra led to enlightenment. 

Because the crown chakra’s power is solely religious, the violet colour of this power heart has the very best frequency and shorter wavelength of all of them, at 963 Hz. This excessive vibration is thought for awakening instinct and activating the Pineal Gland.

Violet Coloration Which means

Violet represents knowledge and spirituality. It encourages self-knowledge, religious development, and the flexibility to get in contact with our innermost ideas. Nevertheless, as a playful and kooky hue, purple can also be related to escaping actuality and hallucinations of magical pictures, which might occur if the crown chakra turns into overactive. 

How To Use The Crown Chakra Coloration For Therapeutic

As the very best and most religious chakra, the crown chakra is probably the most troublesome to open, particularly if the decrease chakras are blocked. Nevertheless, infusing your life with purple may assist to create extra religious power and evoke a reference to the divine. Some methods to attract in increased consciousnesses are:

  • Eat excessive vibration purple meals like eggplant, purple cabbage, purple candy potatoes, and rice berry.
  • Meditate with purple crystals like amethyst, tanzanite, and charoite.
  • Put on purple garments, particularly hats.
  • Visualize purple power within the form of the crown floating above the highest of the pinnacle, connecting you to the universe. 

Chakra Colours and Seven Layers of Aura

Chakras share many similarities with the aura. For instance, there are seven chakra power facilities and 7 aura layers. Though every aura layer has a colour, not like the chakra system, the colour of some aura layers can change relying on the situation. Here’s a transient overview of the seven layers of the aura, their related colours, and their connection to the chakras. 

1st Layer: Etheric 

  • Related to the basis chakra
  • Closest to the bodily physique
  • Represents all that makes up the human physique, equivalent to muscular tissues, tissues, and bones
  • Seems as a bluish-gray colour

2nd Layer: Emotional

  • Related to the sacral chakra
  • Represents feelings and emotions
  • It could possibly seem as any of the rainbow colours
  • Can seem muddy coloured in instances of emotional stress

third Layer: Psychological 

  • Related to the Photo voltaic plexus Chakra
  • Represents ideas, cognitive processes, and situation of the thoughts
  • Vibrant yellow colour

4th Layer: Astral

  • Related to the center chakra
  • Represents forming our astral cords (connections) with others
  • Rose pink colour

fifth Layer: Etheric Template

  • Related to the throat chakra
  • Represents the whole blueprint of the physique on the bodily airplane, together with your id, persona, and power
  • Varies in colour

sixth Layer: Celestial 

  • Related to the third eye chakra
  • Emits a strong vibration
  • Represents a connection to the Divine and all different dwelling issues
  • Pearly white colour

seventh Layer: Ketheric 

  • Related to the crown chakra
  • Furthest away from the human physique (estimated to be round 2-3 toes away)
  • Represents reference to the universe
  • Holds details about your soul and former lives
  • Pulsates quickly and vibrates on the highest frequency
  • Gold colour

Closing Ideas

Though the chakra colours usually are not a part of the normal chakra system teachings, they may maintain nice worth nonetheless. Because the related chakra colours share the identical frequency and lots of the identical qualities of the power facilities, we are able to use the rainbow in power therapeutic to deliver concord to our our bodies, minds, and souls.

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