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Can Diabetics Eat Jaggery? The Consultants View- HealthifyMe

Whereas individuals with diabetes have to be aware of sugar consumption, there is no such thing as a fastened rule to forgo the candy stuff altogether. Most individuals with diabetes can select more healthy options to sugar to handle blood sugar ranges.

Jaggery, a type of unprocessed cane sugar, is likely one of the oldest sweeteners. In contrast to refined sugar, jaggery nonetheless retains some vitamins. Though natural, unprocessed jaggery is a more healthy choice over refined white sugar and over-processed cane sugar, an individual with diabetes can’t rely solely on jaggery.

The belief that jaggery is not going to enhance blood glucose ranges makes diabetic individuals eat jaggery in extra. Due to this fact, consuming jaggery when you may have diabetes remains to be below debate.

Jaggery: An Overview

Jaggery is a pure, conventional sweetener ready from concentrated sugarcane juice and is a typical candy staple in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

It’s generally often known as “Gur” in India. Unrefined jaggery has excessive medicinal worth, together with antioxidant exercise, optimistic results on cardiovascular perform, improved immune well being, and even aids in treating sure gastrointestinal issues.

Analysis reveals that jaggery is a extra advantageous alternative when in comparison with processed sugars like white and brown sugar. Due to this fact, dietitians usually advise substituting sugar with jaggery when making desserts because of its unrefined nature.

You could make jaggery old-fashioned palm or sugarcane. Conventional jaggery comes from boiling date palm sap or unpasteurised sugarcane juice in a pot. It goes by much less processing than sugar.

The by-product of getting ready jaggery is way much less refined than crystallised sugar. Due to this fact, jaggery nonetheless retains iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It’s best to eat natural jaggery as a result of it’s free from chemical compounds. 

Few individuals suppose that jaggery is protected for individuals with diabetes. On the identical time, some declare to keep away from consuming most (if not all) types of sugar when having diabetes. Due to this, many individuals with diabetes are uncertain whether or not they need to eat jaggery.

Is It Protected for Diabetics to Eat Jaggery?

Utilizing pure sweeteners as a substitute of synthetic ones is more healthy when getting ready meals for individuals with diabetes. Nonetheless, not all pure sweeteners are protected for individuals with diabetes.

Jaggery constructed from natural components is best than white sugar, which has undergone heavy processing. In contrast to white sugar, natural jaggery doesn’t embody chemical compounds and components. Nonetheless, these advantages of jaggery apply solely whenever you maintain its consumption restricted. 

Whereas jaggery appears like a greater choice than refined sugar, it doesn’t essentially suggest that it’ll not enhance your blood glucose ranges. Jaggery can nonetheless trigger a blood sugar rise since a lot of the carbohydrates in jaggery are sugars. For instance, 100g of jaggery accommodates 98.96g of carbohydrates and 383 energy.

However, a 100g serving of sugar has about 100g of carbohydrates and 387 energy. These dietary values suggest that jaggery is simply barely higher than sugar. Due to this fact, jaggery and sugar are equally unsafe or unhealthy for individuals with diabetes, particularly when eaten in giant portions. 

Jaggery has a excessive glycemic index(GI) worth of 84.4. A meals with a excessive GI has lots of sugar in it. Moreover, it would lead to a pointy enhance in blood glucose ranges. The best food plan for individuals with diabetes contains meals with a low glycemic index. Nonetheless, if it’s essential eat jaggery, guarantee average consumption whereas following different precautions, akin to limiting the consumption of different meals wealthy in carbohydrates. Maintain your jaggery consumption not more than 1-2 teaspoons a day. 

A nutritious and balanced food plan is the very best technique to regulate blood sugar in case you have diabetes as a result of it helps you handle the situation higher.

Nutritionist suggests utilizing pure herbs like ginger, basil, and cardamom for flavour as a substitute of jaggery. Plus, diabetic sufferers ought to contemplate the glycemic index and glycemic load earlier than including any meals to their food plan. Due to this fact, converse together with your physician to search out out what meals are protected and which aren’t earlier than making any dietary modifications.

The HealthifyMe Be aware

At all times eat jaggery carefully, whether or not you may have diabetes or not. Diabetic sufferers are likely to eat jaggery in extra, assuming that it’ll handle diabetes, however jaggery will increase your blood sugar ranges. Regardless of having antioxidant exercise and optimistic results on cardiovascular perform, jaggery contains carb depend and energy much like sugar. 

Which Kind of Jaggery is Good for Diabetes?

Jaggery could be a higher various to white sugar, however not for diabetics. Nonetheless, natural jaggery carefully can fulfill your sugar cravings.

It’s best to make use of unprocessed variants in minimal quantities when you may have diabetes. For people who find themselves wholesome and haven’t any diabetes, pure and natural jaggery is a lot better than white sugar and synthetic sweeteners. 


Jaggery can enhance blood sugar ranges. Due to this fact, utilizing jaggery for diabetes will not be wholesome or protected because it has a excessive glycemic index. Whereas the influence of jaggery on blood glucose will not be as excessive as that of white sugar, its impact is excessive sufficient for it to be thought of unsafe for an individual with diabetes.

The first purpose of a diabetes food plan is to keep up blood sugar ranges, which will not be potential with the consumption of jaggery. You could take 1-2 teaspoons of natural jaggery to fulfill your sugar cravings.

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