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Bloated Abdomen? 7 Drinks that Actually Assist

A bloated abdomen could make you are feeling fairly uncomfortable. Bloating occurs when the gastrointestinal tract turns into filled with fuel. Your stomach can really feel very full, tight and may even be painful.(1) That is positively not the sensation you wish to be strolling round with all day.

What Causes Bloating?

Bloating might be brought on by a number of issues, together with poor consuming habits, akin to consuming too quick; ingesting carbonated drinks; consuming meals which can be gassy or excessive in lactose, akin to onion, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, legumes, and so forth. All this stuff can have disagreeable penalties.2)

Do you repeatedly undergo from a bloated abdomen? The next seven drinks might provide some aid. Give them a attempt!


If you happen to consistently should take care of a bloated abdomen, feeling too full, or gurgling in your stomach or when you have the sensation that one thing’s not proper, speak to your physician.

7 Drinks to Relieve a Bloated Abdomen

1. Inexperienced tea

Unsweetened sizzling or chilly inexperienced tea quenches your thirst, boosts your metabolism, and may act like a prebiotic (non-digestible meals fibers that stimulate the expansion of fine micro organism in your intestine).

Inexperienced tea and different tea varieties include polyphenolic compounds with catechins. Catechins are pure antioxidants present in crops that get absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and have been confirmed to forestall gastrointestinal problems.(3) 

Green tea

2. Water with lemon or cucumber

Pep up your water with a slice or two of lemon. This provides selection to your drink and tastes wonderful. Lemons stimulate your metabolism because the acid helps break down meals. Lemon juice can also be a pure diuretic which means it could assist your physique do away with extra salt and water and, in flip, assist with bloating.(4) 

Lemon water


Drink nonetheless water. Carbonated water may cause a bloated abdomen.

3. Watermelon smoothie

A smoothie comprised of contemporary watermelon can style great and refreshing. Because of its excessive water and potassium content material, this fruit is a superb bloating treatment. Plus, it’s low in energy.

For our favourite recipe, you solely want watermelon, frozen strawberries, your selection of yogurt, honey, and a few almond milk. Throw all of it in a blender, and performed! 

Watermelon smoothie

4. Peppermint tea

Peppermint has many optimistic advantages, from relieving cramps to treating complications. This additionally makes peppermint tea the proper drink for eliminating stomach bloat. One examine confirmed that after 4 weeks of taking peppermint oil, which is present in peppermint tea, it helped cut back stomach signs akin to bloating.(5)

Peppermint tea tastes greatest if you pour sizzling water over the contemporary peppermint leaves and let it brew for a number of minutes.

Peppermint tea

5. Pineapple frappé

That is an ideal and easy-to-make summer time drink to remain cool and in addition relieve a bloated abdomen. Pineapple is packed filled with the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain helps reduces irritation and stimulates digestion.(6) Thus, serving to cut back bloating in your abdomen.

To make a pineapple frappé, all you want is pineapple and ice. For an additional sprint of taste, you possibly can add just a few mint leaves. Simply throw all of it within the blender, and performed! Drink and luxuriate in.

Pineapple frappe

6. Celery juice

Celery juice has been a well-liked weight-reduction plan and cleaning drink over the previous years, however it’s also packed filled with anti-inflammatory properties, which might help you are feeling much less bloated. The plant compounds luteolin and pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) present in celery juice, and different fruit and veggies are accountable for the development in your intestine to make you are feeling much less bloated.(7)

Though celery juice might help you are feeling higher, it’s not beneficial for folks with a delicate abdomen or those that undergo from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Celery juice

7. Fennel tea

Fennel, one other marvel herb on this checklist, or extra particularly, fennel tea, is one other nice treatment that will help you really feel much less bloated. Fennel has been confirmed to have antibacterial properties which might help relieve issues like indigestion, fuel, or colic ache.(8)

Together with serving to you combat bloating, fennel can even assist you to combat infections and assist you to sleep higher. Fennel tea makes an awesome night drink to calm down and unwind after a protracted day and get your intestine feeling higher.

Fennel tea


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