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Aquarius & Pisces Compatibility: Love, Friendship & Extra

A lot of what applies to an Aquarius-Pisces friendship is true in a romantic relationship as nicely, with extra significance positioned on these emotional wants (which, once more, are very totally different between the 2).

Pisces is a water signal, and all of the water indicators are identified for being notably attune to their very own feelings and the feelings of these round them. Aquarius would not essentially need something to do with all that, even after they generally ought to. On this manner, Pisces can simply get annoyed with Aquarius’ coolness, and Aquarius can rapidly develop bored with speaking about their emotions.

In line with Quinn, “I would not put Aquarius with any water signal romantically, as a result of Aquarius is simply so indifferent emotionally, and so they’re very impartial on the subject of their lives,” Nonetheless, she provides, Aquarius does have the power to carry area for different’s feelings, being the water bearer, and they need to count on to do a variety of that in the event that they’re paired up with a Pisces.

And talking of being impartial, it isn’t precisely Pisces’ robust swimsuit. As Quinn tells mindbodygreen, “Pisces may need wants which might be in a position to be met by the Aquarius, as a result of the Aquarius wants area.” After all, this might present Pisces with a chance to be a bit extra impartial themselves, however they need to by no means accept suppressing their very own wants.

One other factor to be aware of with this matchup is that Aquarius is not fast to cool down. As astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D. beforehand defined to mindbodygreen, Pisces is the kind to recommend getting married in Las Vegas on a whim, for instance. Aquarius, alternatively, is usually a little bit of a commitment-phobe, and can take longer to essentially speak in confidence to a brand new love curiosity.

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