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8 Yoga Workout routines to Enhance Focus

In case you’ve been distracted lots and it’s affecting your efficiency, productiveness, and effectivity, be it at house or work, it’s time that you just search for options to regulate your monkey thoughts. Having focus in each work you do is important for getting higher outcomes.

Imbibing yoga practices in your day by day life can enhance your thoughts’s capacity to remain within the current. Yoga poses, kriyas, varied meditation and pranayamas have been identified to enhance psychological features. 

Yoga workouts calm the thoughts and soothe the nervous system, resulting in enhanced focus and focus. They may also help you management your ideas and eliminate the psychological muddle that could be a hindrance to your work thereby lowering pointless stress, rigidity, and nervousness.

Furthermore, when you get the cling of it, they’re fairly straightforward to carry out and supply long-lasting outcomes. Any particular person of any age can take up these practices.

On this article, we now have compiled a listing of 8 efficient yoga workouts that may show you how to obtain your purpose of higher and enhanced focus energy.

1. Lotus Pose (Padmasana) 

This classical pose is understood to assist with deeper meditation and improve alertness and focus. It opens your hips and strengthens your legs. You need to use the lotus pose whereas meditating, performing pranayama, or on the finish of a yoga follow. 

Lotus pose helps in balancing the move of the prana and aids in yogic respiratory. Conserving your again straight aligns your spines to their pure form and likewise permits for a free move of power in the direction of the pinnacle. These components promote a relaxed and relaxed thoughts and enhanced focus.

Steps to carry out lotus pose for focus

  • Sit comfortably on the bottom or yoga mat along with your legs stretched out in entrance of you. 
  • Beginning with the best leg, bend your knees and convey the best foot to maintain it on the left hip crease. 
  • Do the identical with the left leg and place the left foot to the best hip crease.
  • The soles of your ft ought to be going through upwards and the heels of each the ft ought to be close to the decrease stomach. You will have to regulate the positioning of the ft along with your arms.
  • Loosen up the shoulders by pulling them away from the ears.
  • Push your knees towards the ground to elongate the backbone. Don’t pressure them if they’re unable to come back down. You may place a yoga block or a folded towel below them for help.
  • Increase your chest and stretch your backbone by sitting upright. 
  • Maintain your arms in your knees, palms going through up in another mudra of your selection.

Precautions – You probably have tight hips, sciatica, injured knee or ankle, or any musculoskeletal points in your decrease physique, it’s best to keep away from performing lotus pose until you might have considerably recovered. The usage of props can assist in taking off some load from the joints. 

2. Tree pose (Vriksasana)

tree pose or vriksasana
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

Being a balancing pose, the tree pose might be thought-about to be a forerunner in enhancing focus ranges. This pose permits you to absolutely give attention to being steady on one leg whereas maintaining your higher physique straight. This requires a lot focus and a spotlight to element to take care of the pose for prolonged durations.

Moreover, it should strengthen your legs in addition to right your posture. It stretches your complete physique in addition to calms your nervous system.

Steps to carry out tree pose for focus

  • Begin by standing in a Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Your ft ought to be firmly positioned in your yoga mat along with your body weight unfold equally on all 4 corners of the ft.
  • Put some weight in your proper foot and begin bending your left knee to slowly raise the left leg. Make it possible for your proper leg is relaxed and the knee is locked.
  • Flip your decrease leg in order that the left foot is going through the best leg. 
  • Place the left sole on the within of the best thigh. Keep away from putting it immediately on the aspect of the best knee as it could possibly put undue strain.
  • To cut back the additional stretch on the left inside thigh and knee, place the left foot beneath the best knee joint.
  • Maintain your gaze on a focus in entrance of you that can assist you with the stability. 
  • You may place your arms within the Anjali Mudra in entrance of your chest or stretch them above your head and be part of the palms.
  • Maintain this pose for at the very least 3 breathes and are available again to the mountain pose.
  • Keep on this pose for 30 seconds after which repeat the method with the opposite leg.

3. Seated Ahead Bend (Paschimottasana)

seated forward bend pose/paschimottanasana
Paschimottanasana. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

In seated ahead bend pose, your head involves a decrease place than your coronary heart. This facilitates enhanced circulation in the direction of the pinnacle which in flip calms the thoughts. This pose is usually practiced if you wish to loosen up and calm your thoughts and alleviate any stress and nervousness.

It additionally successfully stretches your backbone and arms and improves digestion by compressing the stomach. Out of your torso to your pelvis, your complete area is stretched and promotes the free move of power.

Steps to carry out seated ahead bend for focus

  • Sit within the workers pose (dandasana) in your yoga mat. Maintain your legs stretched in entrance of you and your higher physique erect. You need to use a folded blanket below your buttocks for extra help.
  • Begin bending ahead from the hips whereas maintaining your again straight. 
  • Maintain bending until you’re feeling you may now not go additional. It’s also possible to preserve a bolster in entrance of you to help your brow and higher physique.
  • After coming to a full bend, place your brow in your legs. 
  • Prolong your arms so far as they’ll go on the surface of every leg. 
  • Maintain the aspect of your ft along with your arms for those who can attain them. It’s also possible to use a strap when you’ve got stiff shoulders or are unable to achieve your ft. 
  • Keep on this pose for 5-7 breaths. 

Precautions – In case you are pregnant, affected by diarrhea, sciatica, hip issues, or have points along with your backbone, again, or neck, it’s best to keep away from practising this pose. Keep away from consuming heavy meals at the very least 2 hours earlier than practising this pose.

4. Bhramari Pranayama (Buzzing Bee Breath)

bhramari pranayama also known as humming bee breath

Bhramari pranayama is a yoga respiratory train that attracts your consideration to the current second by eliminating distracting ideas going within the thoughts.

This pranayama might be performed earlier than meditation or as a stand-alone train to enhance focus. It aids within the discount of hysteria, agitation, and fear, in addition to rising focus and reminiscence.

This pranayama is sort of a reset button to the chaos and muddle within the thoughts. 

Steps to carry out bhramari pranayama for focus

  • In a quiet and comfy place, sit on the bottom or yoga mat in a meditative place of your selection.
  • Maintain your again straight, your head aligned with the backbone, and shut your eyes.
  • Place the thumbs on the cartilages and the index fingers simply above the eyebrows. The center, ring, and little fingers might be positioned throughout the eyes such that the tip of the fingers touches the bridge of the nostril.
  • Take a deep inhale by means of the nostril, filling up your chest and stomach.
  • Barely tuck in your chin and exhale whereas making a ‘hmmmmm’ sound in the back of your throat. 
  • Shut your ears by pushing the cartilage by means of the thumb throughout exhalation.
  • Repeat the method 5-7 instances.

5. Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Respiratory)

nadi shodhana pranayama
Picture: Shutterstock

Nadi Shodhana pranayama has a relaxing influence on the mind. It does so by eliminating extreme stress and rigidity. It calms the racing thoughts, offering a basis for robust focus.

Practising Nadi Shodhana can alleviate anger, frustration, and nervousness.

It additionally works on nadis purification or nadi shuddhi, paving a approach for higher move of the prana. By stimulating the Sushumna Nadi (central power channel), it retains your thoughts conscious and alert. 

Steps to carry out Nadi Shodhana for focus

  • Sit in a meditative place of your selection with a straight again. Align your head to the backbone and loosen up your face and shoulders.
  • Your left hand ought to be positioned in your thigh in Gyan mudra.
  • Convey your proper hand in the direction of your face. Place the thumb on the best nostril, the index finger will contact the center of your eyebrows. The ring and little finger might be positioned subsequent to the left nostril whereas the center finger might be folded. 
  • The thumb, ring, and little finger will act as lids to open and shut the nostrils.
  • Breath naturally for just a few moments and convey your consciousness in the direction of it.
  • After stabilizing your breath, shut your left nostril along with your ring finger and breathe in from the best nostril. 
  • Shut the best nostril with the thumb and retain the breath for just a few seconds.
  • Open the left nostril and breathe out utterly.
  • Now breathe in from the left nostril, whereas maintaining the best nostril closed. Shut the left nostril to carry the breath for just a few seconds and launch the best nostril to breathe out.
  • This completes one spherical of nadi shodhana. The respiratory ratio between inhaling, retention, and exhaling is 1:4:2.
  • Apply at the very least 10 rounds of this pranayama.

6. Trataka Kriya

candle flame trataka
Picture: Fitsri

Trataka means a gradual gaze or look. It’s a shatkarma kriya of hatha yoga that cleanses the eyes, stimulates the third eye chakra, and will increase focus. Trataka can be a type of open-eye meditation whereby you stare upon a candle flame, a black dot, or any stationary object with out blinking.

Once you repair your eye to a nonetheless object or level in trataka kriya, you really prohibit eyeball motion. It results in halting your stressed thoughts and selling psychological peace and calm. An enchancment in focus is a direct consequence of a relaxed thoughts.

Moreover, trataka meditation additionally improves your reminiscence energy and is a good preparatory approach for meditation. It balances the nervous system, reduces nervousness, and strengthens the eyes.

Probably the most generally adopted technique for trataka is gazing at a candle flame. However earlier than you sit down for this, it’s higher to coach your eyes with a brief eye train:

  • Sit in any comfy place and shut your eyes. Blink your eyes just a few instances and open your eyes absolutely.
  • Transfer eyes up and down, sideways and diagonally. Then transfer them in clockwise, first clockwise after which anti-clockwise.
  • After every motion, shut your eyes for just a few seconds, rub your palms and canopy your eyes with them.
  • Every of the steps ought to be performed at the very least 10 instances.
  • Take just a few moments to really feel the sensations of this train and start with trataka follow.
  • Place a burning candle 3-4ft away in order that the flame is stage with the eyes. It’s also possible to use a candle stand to convey it to your eye stage at the very least 1-1.5ft away.
  • Sit within the meditative place along with your again straight and your head aligned with the backbone.
  • Place your arms in Gyan mudra or any mudra that helps improve focus.
  • Convey your gaze to the underside of the flame, which is probably the most steady, and give attention to it with out blinking.
  • Your eyes might begin to burn and water after a while, which is regular. You may shut your eyes at this level and focus on the psychological picture of the flame.
  • Some folks additionally persist on this situation to complete the time they’ve allotted for gazing earlier than closing their eyes. This willpower might be constructed over time and with fixed follow.
  • Open your eyes when the psychological picture has pale and repeat the method.

Begin with an preliminary time of 5 minutes and progressively construct up until 30-45 minutes.

Precautions – People who find themselves epileptic ought to keep away from flickering objects like a candle flame. They need to stare upon a stationary object. Additionally, for those who undergo from insomnia, don’t follow this kriya at evening. In case you are experiencing tensional headache, keep away from the follow of trataka as it could possibly irritate the issue.

7. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is among the many most profitable and well-known methods to extend focus. Mindfulness meditation is paying heed to your ideas, sensations, feelings, emotions, or concepts, with out judgment throughout meditation.

It’s a strategy of gently bringing consciousness to the expertise of the follow thereby lowering stress.

You study to let go of all different ideas, feelings, emotions, and distractions as you prepare your thoughts to remain within the second and targeted solely on a single object.

Your capability to pay attention routinely improves if you study to be aware at will.

Steps to carry out

  • Discover a quiet place and sit in a snug meditative place. It’s also possible to sit on a chair if sitting on the bottom will not be comfy.
  • Maintain your arms on the thighs or in Gyan mudra, with palms going through up.
  • Shut your eyes and convey your consideration to your breath.
  • Really feel every breath filling your lungs earlier than leaving by means of your throat and nostril. Step by step deepen and lengthen your breath. 
  • As you progress, you’ll discover your thoughts will bombard you with all types of ideas, concepts, feelings, and emotions. As quickly as you notice your distraction, merely return your consideration to the breath.
  • Maintain practising this system for at least 10-Quarter-hour.

8. Centered Consideration Meditation or FAM

Centered Consideration Meditation (FAM), additionally known as concentrative meditation, is a meditative approach that focuses on a selected merchandise, resembling the feeling of respiratory. Meditators follow focusing and sustaining their consideration on the supposed object whereas resisting stimuli from inner or exterior sources.

As an alternative of making an attempt to amass a transparent thoughts and not using a outlined point of interest, this meditation strategy enables you to focus your efforts on an merchandise, sound, or sensation. 

It helps with consideration management and monitoring. The main focus of consideration might be on something resembling a sound, picture, mala, breath, physique half, or mantra. The purpose is to take care of full give attention to the topic.

The extra you follow zoning in, the higher you’ll get at it, and also you’ll have fewer distractions and slips in focus.

FAM promotes cognitive efficiency whereas additionally stress-free the nervous system.

It could appear much like mindfulness meditation, nevertheless, the distinction is that in FAM, you might have chosen a selected point of interest of consideration. Attaining mindfulness with a transparent thoughts is the purpose of FAM whereas additionally concentrating on the facets of your goal level.

Steps to carry out

  • Discover a quiet place and sit in a snug meditative place. Maintain your backbone tall and loosen your shoulders
  • Select an object or a goal point of interest for consideration. It’s most popular to pick your breath as it’s a widespread ingredient in each meditation.
  • Instantly focus your consideration on the assorted particulars of your point of interest – sound, odor, texture, and many others. Merely expertise the sensations of your point of interest, whereas remaining current within the second.
  • At any time when you might be disturbed and distracted by your ideas or another issues, return your consideration to feeling the sensations of your point of interest.
  • Apply this system for at the very least 10-Quarter-hour.


It could actually typically be troublesome to remain targeted, productive, and motivated with all of the fixed disruptions we face. Yoga, pranayama, and meditation are maybe a few of the most historical and time-tested practices for enhancing consideration accessible in the present day.

In case you’re having bother regaining your focus and focus, strive the yoga practices listed above. They’re not solely easy to do, however they might additionally help you to amass higher outcomes.

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