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6 Tricks to Put together Your self for Kundalini Awakening: Unleashing Your Potential

With all of the dialogue occurring about kundalini shakti and kundalini awakening, you will need to perceive that each course of or ritual requires a sure degree of preparation.

Everyone knows that the kundalini awakening expertise is exclusive to each particular person. It awakens a way of goal, makes our religious path extra profound, and in the end leads us to enlightenment.

So to facilitate such a strong power to rise from its dormancy, we should guarantee that we’re totally ready, inside-out.

On this article, we’ve got listed some elements that may assist you to put together in your journey to kundalini awakening. However earlier than that, allow us to have a look at a number of frequent questions that will come to your thoughts.

Why is the preparation wanted earlier than kundalini awakening?

It’s no secret that awakening the kundalini can result in a serious shift in your energetic airplane. It will possibly result in challenges, equivalent to bodily discomfort, emotional instability, or psychological well being points.

Whereas Kundalini awakening can result in profound religious progress and optimistic transformation, the journey will also be fairly totally different from individual to individual.

Some people might expertise blissful emotions of affection and interconnectedness, whereas others might face more difficult signs equivalent to sleep disturbances, id shifts, and even melancholy. The depth and nature of those experiences can rely upon numerous elements equivalent to a person’s religious growth, private historical past, and the stream of Kundalini power via their physique.

To face such modifications, you want to be mentally robust to endure the awakening part. You want to have the ability to management your thoughts and physique when the awakening occurs. 

In abstract, taking correct preparations into consideration is a crucial step for Kundalini awakening as a result of:

  • It ensures a secure, optimistic, and transformative expertise
  • It maximizes the advantages of the journey
  • Ensures private readiness, each mentally and emotionally
  • It establishes a assist system for steering and observe
  • It lets us make mandatory way of life modifications for self-care and stress discount

Superior practices like kundalini awakening shouldn’t be used as a place to begin; as a substitute, it’s best to first prepare and strengthen your physique earlier than transferring on to your thoughts and ultimately probing the interior layers. You should progressively put together on the bodily, psychological, and emotional planes earlier than starting the strategies that activate the kundalini

Kundalini will awaken safely solely in case you are diligent, affected person and make the mandatory preparations.

What occurs if kundalini awakens with out preparation?

There are possibilities that as a result of an unintentional set off, your kundalini has woke up earlier than you would absolutely put together your self.

If Kundalini awakening occurs earlier than correct preparation, people might expertise the adverse signs of awakening within the type of Kundalini syndrome.

People might expertise the next penalties:

  1. Bodily Discomfort: Kundalini awakening could cause bodily sensations, equivalent to complications, muscle pressure, or dizziness, which will be uncomfortable and even painful if not correctly ready.
  2. Emotional Instability: Kundalini awakening also can result in intense feelings, equivalent to anxiousness, worry, or melancholy, which will be difficult to handle with out correct preparation.
  3. Psychological Well being Points: In some circumstances, Kundalini awakening can result in psychological well being points, equivalent to paranoia, delusions, and even psychosis, particularly if the person is just not correctly ready.
  4. Interference with Day by day Life: The consequences of Kundalini awakening also can affect each day life, equivalent to sleep disturbances, modifications in id, or social isolation, which will be troublesome to handle with out correct preparation.
  5. Incomplete Awakening: With out correct preparation, people might not absolutely expertise the advantages of Kundalini awakening and will not obtain the meant religious progress and realization of 1’s full potential.

What to do in case of sudden kundalini awakening?

If Kundalini awakening happens earlier than correct preparation, with out discover, it’s essential to take the next steps:

  1. Search steering: Seek the advice of with a trusted kundalini instructor or practitioner who has expertise with Kundalini awakening and might present steering and assist.
  2. Maintain bodily wants: Take note of bodily signs and deal with any discomfort or ache via self-care or medical consideration if mandatory. Avoid any type of drug or chemical consumption as it might worsen the kundalini syndrome.
  3. Observe self-care: Interact in actions that promote psychological and emotional well-being, equivalent to meditation, yoga, or remedy.
  4. Construct a assist system: Encompass your self with optimistic and supportive people who can present consolation and encouragement.
  5. Search medical consideration: When you expertise any extreme bodily, emotional, or psychological well being points, search medical consideration from a psychological well being skilled.
  6. Be affected person and type to your self: Kundalini awakening is usually a complicated and difficult course of, so it’s essential to be affected person and type to your self as you navigate this journey.

In abstract, if Kundalini awakening happens earlier than correct preparation, it’s essential to hunt steering and assist from an knowledgeable instructor, care for bodily and psychological wants, and be affected person and type to your self as you navigate this transformative course of.

Easy methods to put together for kundalini awakening?

Earlier than you start your preparation, you want to decide whether or not your kundalini has already woke up or not. Practices lose their precise worth for those who notice that your kundalini has begun the transitional part. 

The timing for the practices listed under is when there isn’t a awakening, when the kundalini is within the root or sacral chakra, or when it’s someplace in between these two states.

Listed here are the tricks to put together your self for Kundalini Awakening

1. Observe a sattvic weight loss plan

Eat healthful, simply digestible vegetarian meals in proportion. Drink loads of water within the days main as much as the method if attainable.

For a kundalini yogi, boiling meals is the perfect weight loss plan. Crushed wheat, barley, lentils, and dal are all useful vitamins, particularly when consumed in liquid type.

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Rising your consumption of carbs, equivalent to these present in meals like rice, wheat, maize, barley, potatoes, and so forth., is a brilliant concept as a result of they hold your physique’s inner temperature steady and don’t want a lot effort to digest.

Protein consumption needs to be decreased to a minimal and meals excessive in fats and grease needs to be prevented. This can relieve any stress on the liver, which is overworked when the thoughts experiences stress.

The vast majority of the strategies, significantly pranayama and people involving uddiyana bandha, will probably be difficult to carry out accurately for those who eat an excessive amount of. You must train judgment whereas deciding on the meals you devour.

This isn’t to imply that individuals who eat meat and different animal merchandise can’t elevate their kundalini, in fact. However there are occasions once we may not be capable of digest uncooked meals, and there could be days when the physique received’t even take water. Take an easy-to-assimilate weight loss plan and solely devour what you want to thrive on the time when your kundalini is within the awakening part.

2. Remedy your self of any sickness

The basic prerequisite for practising kundalini yoga is nice well being.

It is best to maintain off beginning kundalini yoga practices for those who presently have any extreme psychological or emotional points. For the reason that kundalini practices are so potent, they may make your state of affairs worse for those who don’t have a degree of psychological stability. 

It is best to act accordingly to deal with your bodily illness by utilizing any applicable strategies for those who undergo from one. Begin with totally different types of yoga to create concord in your life and thoughts earlier than starting kundalini yoga. 

3. Begin performing yoga often

You should have practised numerous yoga practices, significantly hatha yoga, karma and raja yoga, pranayama, and shatkarma for at the very least a number of years earlier than starting the kundalini practices.

Extra importantly, begin by cleaning and unblocking the Sushumna Nadi as a result of if this central Nadi is blocked, how will the kundalini power transfer?

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Whereas Surya Namaskara, Nadi Shodhana, and Surya Bheda pranayama will assist in purifying the Ida and Pingala Nadi, the shatkarmas and pranayama will purify and awaken the Sushumna. 

Some particular asanas are essential for cleaning the Nadis and inflicting a mild awakening within the chakras. Begin by utilizing hatha yoga purification practices to cleanse the weather (tattvas)

Do asanas first, then pranayama. You’ll be able to subsequently observe bandhas and mudras earlier than beginning kriya yoga. Whereas hatha yoga, pranayama, and shatkarmas will provide you with bodily and psychological health and cleanse your energetic airplane, karma and raja yoga will profit you on a extra religious degree. 

The significance of karma yoga must be understood right here. It’s a essential element of religious life. Whereas kundalini doesn’t instantly awaken on account of karma yoga, it additionally can not ascend with out it.

Your progress will inevitably be slowed down if you don’t comply with the path of karma yoga, no matter whether or not you have interaction in austerity or mantra observe, have interaction in pranayama, obtain shaktipat, or are even born with woke up kundalini.

One ought to learn The Bhagwad Gita as it’s the excellent reference to grasp philosophical and yogic explanations of karma yoga.  

4. Choose a spot and time in your observe

Intention to observe in the identical location every day.

Cleanliness, quietness, and good air flow are important in your observe house. It needs to be dry, not too scorching, and never too chilly. Observe on a mat or blanket somewhat than naked floor. Wrap your self in a blanket or sheet if mandatory.

In the long term, this can create an surroundings that may profit your kundalini sadhana.

Moreover, attempt to observe kundalini yoga early within the morning, throughout the Brahma Muhurta—the primary two hours earlier than daybreak. There are significantly fewer interruptions, each inner and exterior, in comparison with some other time of the day as a result of religious power is at its peak throughout this time. When you can’t observe throughout Brahma Muhurta, decide one other time when your abdomen isn’t full.

5. Domesticate self-discipline

Having self-discipline is probably one of the essential preparatory steps for kundalini awakening. Any of the above practices is not going to come to fruition till you observe them often and devotedly. 

One of many hardest issues for a human to grasp is psychological focus. In yoga, it’s important to ascertain self-discipline from the start so that you could preserve it as soon as Kundalini awakens.

If the seeker doesn’t hold the mandatory self-discipline earlier than the awakening, s/he’s prone to fall into numerous psychological ruts.

As a consequence of this, following the trail of kundalini awakening requires you to comply with a number of do’s and don’ts, which might solely be fulfilled for those who dwell a disciplined life from early on.

That is additionally one of many causes the function of the kundalini grasp or guru can be emphasised.

Any sort of yoga is feasible with out a guru, nonetheless, kundalini can’t be practised. In case you have a guru, she or he can help you to prepare for kundalini awakening, can provide counsel while you want it, and might assist you get via the awakening.

A guru can be essential that can assist you hook up with your interior power as connection together with your interior self is what kundalini yoga is all about.

In case you have a guru, you’re actually privileged since they’re an essential a part of spirituality. Discovering a guru will be difficult, although. When you don’t have a guru, you’ll be able to develop a picture of 1 in your thoughts, attempt to sense his directions, and keep it up practising persistently.

6. Put together mentally and construct consciousness 

pranayama improves brain grey matter
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One should attain a state of readability of thoughts or purity of consciousness earlier than trying to awaken their kundalini. This may solely be achieved for those who study to give up your thoughts and cease being attentive to each fleeting thought. It is best to simply let your ideas come up and watch them go by with none judgments. Solely while you carry out your observe on this method will you obtain one-pointedness.

Is it essential to dwell in an ashram?

In an ashram, residents dwell merely with little to eat, few comforts or luxuries, and many work. They’re additionally free from all attachments, prejudice, and hatred. There are not any social calls for or expectations, no trend or leisure, and no pointless chatter. There isn’t any interference with each other.

Right here, folks will respect your privateness and perceive if in case you have emotional difficulties or no feelings in any respect, can’t sleep, don’t want to eat, or just want to sit down.

Thus, kundalini can awaken extra rapidly for those who dwell in an ashram, and you’re allowed to expertise no matter comes up if in case you have a psychological breakdown.

Moreover, you’ll be able to put together successfully whereas staying within the ashram.

To steadiness the physique’s acid, wind, and mucus, it’s best to observe bodily bodily cleansing within the ashram by performing shatkarmas. As a result of ashram weight loss plan’s emphasis on simplicity and purity, each the physique and the thoughts will probably be cleansed.

In case you have a disposition that lends itself to being a bhakta, you’ll be able to commit your time to kirtan, bhajan, or prayer. When you’re intellectually curious, you’ll be able to research books, keep away from small discuss, observe hatha yoga, and sometimes quick. You’ll be able to put quite a lot of effort into karma yoga for those who’re an lively particular person.

Now that we’ve got understood a number of basic items, allow us to see the principles to comply with to correctly put together for the kundalini awakening. 


Present process the expertise of kundalini awakening is really a troublesome activity. It requires utmost devotion, self-discipline, resilience, and persistence. Following a regime underneath the steering of a kundalini guru is the most effective you are able to do to be ready as a lot as you’ll be able to to undergo the extraordinary kundalini awakening journey.

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