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5 Yoga Poses to Assist Intestine Well being with Dr.Rabia

Dr Rabia, a Gastroenterology registrar in London and Yoga Trainer shares her 5 favorite poses to help intestine well being with the Yogamatters Small Rectangular Bolster. Guarantee these poses should not practised on a full abdomen (not less than half-hour after consuming) and bear in mind to take heed to your physique if one thing doesn’t really feel proper. 

Legs up with bolster help (Viparita Karani) 

A mild inversion which inspires your gut-brain connection to take centre stage. Elevating your legs above your stomach encourages blood circulate again to the center – utilizing gravity to recirculate and rejuvenate your digestive organs. This pose permits your physique to enter ‘relaxation and digest’ mode – the parasympathetic facet of your nervous system. It’s significantly helpful to apply in case you undergo from stress as a set off for intestine points.

How one can: Begin by laying in your again. Bend knees and place your toes on the ground and knees up in the direction of the sky. Press by your toes to carry pelvis off of the mat. Place the small rectangular bolster horizontal beneath your hips. Discover a comfy place that feels best for you however guarantee your complete pelvis is supported. From there carry your toes of the bottom, lengthen the legs and permit your legs to hover. Calm down your toes and relaxation your arms by your sides with the palms going through up so you’ll be able to open by your chest. Keep within the pose for at least 3 minutes.

Props: A mini rectangular bolster is excellent for this pose because it offers a flat and gentle but secure base on your hips with out giving an excessive amount of peak. Add a folded blanket beneath your head and neck for final consolation.

Variations: Lay down and relaxation your calves on the seat of a chair or place hips as near the wall as attainable and place your legs vertical towards the wall.

Childs Pose (Balasana)

With extensive open hips and your stomach resting on a bolster, that is the final word restorative pose for grounding and turning inward. Your entrance physique is supported – so it has the chance to really feel protected, protected and but open all on the identical time. You’ll be able to wrap your arms across the bolster to intensify the feeling of security which is a optimistic sign on your gut-brain connection. Flip your head midway by to stretch the other facet of your neck. This pose is especially helpful in case you undergo from cramps, bloating or belly discomfort.

How one can: Carry your knees as extensive because the mat and permit your massive toes of every foot to the touch. Place the small rectangular bolster vertically in-between the legs and gently fold ahead in order that your stomach and chest relaxation on the bolster. Let your arms relaxation in entrance and place your cheek onto the bolster – rotate the top and relaxation the other cheek after roughly 3 minutes on this pose.

Props: A smaller rectangular bolster is a good prop to relaxation your stomach on, the flat floor offers full help for the stomach.

Variations: Childs Pose with no bolster

Garland Pose (Malasana) 


Elevating our knees above our hips in a low squat is the important thing to easy elimination! It is because it permits leisure of our pelvic ground muscular tissues, particularly the puborectalis muscle, which opens the anorectal angle. As you arrive on this pose, be happy to switch by including additional help underneath your heels. Maintain the pose with an easeful breath as your stomach expands gently in between your hips. This pose is especially helpful to apply in case you undergo from constipation. 

How one can: From a standing ahead fold along with your fingers positioned both on the ground or bricks to help, shift your toes as extensive as your mat and switch the toes outwards. Gently decrease your hips right into a squat place going to no matter depth feels comfy for you. Both place the small rectangular bolster beneath your seat to relaxation or place blocks beneath every heel if wanted. Place palms into Añjali Mudrā (Prayer Fingers) and use the backs of the arms to softly information the legs wider and really feel a gap of the hips.

Props: Use a rectangular bolster to give you a flat floor to take a seat on in case you are struggling to stability or discover consolation on this pose. In case your heels are elevating off of the ground, place a gentle block beneath every heel to boost the bottom.


Supine variation: Completely happy Child (Ananda Balasana)

Supported Sphinx (Salamba Bhujangasana)

Arching by the thoracic backbone along with your stomach resting on a bolster, is a stronger sensation than supported childs pose. It stimulates a delicate stretch by your belly wall muscular tissues and tones the backbone. Alongside gradual deep respiration, this pose offers a refined belly therapeutic massage on your intestine, which could be significantly helpful in case you undergo from bloating – however could also be an excessive amount of when you’ve got belly pains, so take heed to your physique and adapt accordingly.

How one can: Place the small rectangular bolster horizontally throughout the center of your mat. Gently lay down and intention to relaxation your pelvis and decrease stomach onto the bolster. Prop your higher physique up utilizing your forearms and keep lengthy by the backbone. Keep right here for so long as feels comfy.

Props: The small rectangular bolsters flat floor helps to help your pelvis with out the danger of the bolster transferring. Use a folded blanket beneath the forearms for added consolation.

Variations: Cobra or Upward Going through Canine

Stomach Therapeutic massage 

Following on from sphinx, you’ll be able to lie down and permit your stomach to relaxation with gravity. Mild compression in your stomach offers a soothing sensation as you maintain the pose with an easeful breath and tune into the feeling of your stomach increasing and condensing towards the bolster. Flip your head midway by to stretch the other facet of your neck. This pose is especially helpful after an extended day, once you need to shift into ‘relaxation and digest’ mode – the parasympathetic facet of your nervous system.

How one can: After a while in Supported Sphinx launch your higher physique onto the mat and relaxation your arms by your facet. Place one cheek onto the mat and alternate half manner by the period of the pose. Keep right here for so long as feels comfy.

Variations: With out bolster

Props: The small rectangular bolster is full of buckwheat, which permits it to mould to the counters of your physique while additionally offering agency help. If you need much less help merely take away some buckwheat from the bolster utilizing the zip.

Join with Dr Rabia on her web site: or Instagram: @doctor_rabia

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