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5 DIY Scalp Scrubs + Utilization Suggestions From The Professionals

A scalp scrub is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll whip up a mix that may manually exfoliate the scalp, leading to fewer flakes and an total reset on your roots. Nonetheless, these scrubs are extra just like facial scrubs than physique scrubs, because the pores and skin in your scalp is sort of delicate and requires one thing mild. 

These with a delicate scalp ought to usually choose out of scalp scrubs, licensed trichologist and founding father of Color Collective, Kerry Yates tells mbg. Nonetheless, Yates recommends these scrubs for anybody who makes use of dry shampoo usually (or in case you wrestle with frequent buildup). 

The important thing to making sure your scalp scrub doesn’t injury your pores and skin: Go for effective granules, combine your base with a provider oil, and use your fingertips, not your nails. Extra on this in a bit, however take into account that the objective is to gently exfoliate the pores and skin, not rub it uncooked. 

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